10 Natural Ways Of Breast Size Reduction Without Any Surgery

Breast size is determined by a combination of lifestyle, genetics and body weight. If you’re interested in increasing your bust size without surgery then your options are limited. Be wary of supplements, herbs, creams, enlargement pumps, and

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 06, 2019
10 Natural Ways Of Breast Size Reduction Without Any Surgery

Only ladies with heavy breasts know the problems that they face. Overtime they suffer numerous health problems due to their heavy chest, shoulder pain and back pain to name but a few. Instead of popping painkillers, why not try to treat the problematic area. No, we aren’t talking about the invasive breast reduction surgery but some natural ways to reduce your bust size. These do effectively decrease the size but you only if practiced regularly.

#1 Dancing

Dancing can not only aid weight loss but it can significantly promote a reduction in breast size. Do steps that make your breasts move to the maximum. This would melt all the excess fat from your breasts leading to the reduction in size.

#2 Breast Massage

This is the easiest way to process breast reduction but relatively slower than other recommendations. A good massage with essential oils would make your breasts feel relaxed and shrink over time.

#3 Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises can wonderfully reduce the size of your breasts if you practice them regularly. This would burn the unnecessary fat off your breasts such that you’ll see visible results within the first few weeks only!

#4 Aerobics

Another fun way to reduce your chest size is aerobics. You may do brisk walking, cycling, jogging and running initially and then move ahead to some typical aerobic exercises.

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#5 Green Tea

Green is a wonderful tea that does literally help with so many health problems including breast size reduction. Drinking 2 cups of green tea daily can help in reducing breast size.

#6 Ginger

The anti-inflammatory and weight loss properties of ginger are known to one and all. Drinking a glass of warm ginger water would slim down your entire body including your heavy busts.

#7 Fish Oil

Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming fish oil in either form can reduce your breast size while securing overall health. Fish oil is particularly beneficial for women’s health.

#8 Neem

Neem is a herbal ingredient that is used in a lot of home remedies. Consumption of neem is helpful in reducing breast size. Boil a few neem leaves in one cup of water. Strain the water and add honey, turmeric powder and a pinch of salt to it and drink every day.

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#9 Flaxseeds

Just like fish oil, flax seeds too, contain omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the level of estrogen in a woman’s body. Drinking flaxseeds water can promote breast size reduction in a few weeks time.

#10 Egg whites for girls

Applying egg white mask on your breasts twice in a week can dramatically decrease the size of your breasts. Whisk an egg white until it forms a foamy texture and add onion juice to it. Apply this egg white mask to get desired results in just one week.

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