How to Get Rid of Sciatica Pain

How to get rid of sciatica pain - As sciatica pain hinders the progress of your life, fight it by paying attention to your daily postures while walking, standing or sitting.

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PainWritten by: Subhasish DuttaPublished at: Dec 10, 2012
How to Get Rid of Sciatica Pain

Sciatic nerve pain occurs when the body’s sciatic nerves become inflamed. Severity of pain may range from mild or slight burning sensation to an irresistible shooting pain, which may travel through the lower back, buttocks, back of legs and even the feet. In general, sciatica pain hampers only one side of the body but in severe cases, may immobilise both the sides, pushing the otherwise normal life to a standstill. The pain may strike any hour i.e. while you sit, walk (forget running) or even sleep.


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Although, sciatica pain is hard to treat, there are few natural remedies and simple lifestyle changes that may help you to lead normal life post sciatica.

Home Remedies

Ice Packs: These are considered brilliant in toning tone down pain caused by sciatica. Cold temperature soothes pain and reduces inflammation from the sciatic nerve. To get instant relief from pain, apply ice pack on your lower back for 10-15 minutes and see the difference.

Hot Packs: Hot packs can be used alternatively with cold ice packs to get relief from sciatica pain. If used in the long run, hot packs can increase blood circulation in the lower back and also repair the damaged tissue. You may use water bottle, heating pad or even a glass lamp as a hot pack. A hot shower may also help to relax the muscles.

Massage: This may provide short-term relief to the sciatica patients but should be performed by or under the supervision of experienced and certified practitioners.  


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Exercises for Sciatica Pain

It has been found that sciatica pain often worsens when the muscles don’t get enough rest. Doing regular relaxation exercises in the right way can keep your sciatica pain from advancing and will thereby, help you to stay active and mobilised.

Hamstring Stretching Exercises: Sciatica patients are often recommended hamstring exercises as these provide long-term relief. Located on the back of thighs, hamstring muscles help in bending the knee. Strengthening hamstring muscles will tremendously help in reducing sciatica pain.

Abdominal Exercises: Try these abdominal exercises and positions to get relief from sciatica pain.

  1. Lie on your stomach with a pillow under the hips. Be on this position and try to relax your body.
  2. Try to lie down on your stomach with one of your legs bent and the other on the side. Place a pillow under your knee to relax the back.

Remember to take the help of your doctor or therapist before doing any exercise.


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Changes in postures and positions

  1. Don’t slump while standing or walking. Try to stay upright and straight; make sure your back is not curved.
  2. Make sure your movements are smooth and relaxed as tense muscles can increase the pain.
  3. Try to distribute the weight evenly when carrying a heavy bag. Avoid carrying weight by the help of just one side of the shoulder. Use back packs instead of one-sided shoulder bags or slingers.
  4. While working at desk in office, sit upright with your lower back slightly curved. Try to frequently change your position.
  5. While working out in gym, don’t try to lift heavy weights without support.
  6. Healthful diet is necessary to maintain normal body weight. Avoid putting extra pressure on your tummy and hips.
  7. Avoid driving when going through severe pain. Place a pillow on the driver’s seat to support lower back.

By adhering to these lifestyle changes, one may easily get relief from a terrible sciatica pain.



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