How to Deal with Postpartum Depression

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Jan 18, 2018
Quick Bites

  • Try to get as much sleep and rest as possible.
  • Do not miss your meals as doing so can aggravate depression.
  • Try to exercise i.e. walk or move around as much as possible.
  • Expose yourself to sunlight as doing so will refresh your body and mind.

To have a baby is stressful because 9 months of pregnancy is in itself a complicated time to deal with and then comes the baby. While most women are excited about this face of their life, a lot of them also deal with depression, which is medically referred to as postpartum depression.

You have just had a baby, but instead of being happy, you feel like crying. You were prepared for an exciting time, not for so much exhaustion and anxiety. Post pregnancy, mild depression as well as constant mood swings are a common thing, but if they tend to linger for several days/weeks, you could be suffering from postpartum depression. If you think that you could be suffering from postpartum depression or if you have already been diagnosed with it, here are a few ways in which you can deal with it:

Do Not Cut your Sleep Hours

Most parents would agree that 8 hours of sleep-time is a luxury after the birth of one’s baby, but then it is important for a mother with postpartum depression to get as much sleep as possible. Lack of sleep can make depression worse. Do all that you can to take as much rest as possible. This could include taking help from your husband or family member.

Keep Some Time for Yourself

Just how much it is important for you to take rest, it is also essential for you to relax and take some time off from your mom duties. You could pamper yourself in small ways like taking a bubble bath, light scented candles or make yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Make Meals your Priority

When a person is depressed, his/her nutrition levels dip. Therefore, it is important to eat your meals on time when you have postpartum depression. What you eat tends to have some form of impact on the mood. Moreover, eating a nutritious food will help you better the quality of the breast milk. So, try your best to establish healthy eating habits.

Get Ample Vitamin D

Do not depend on supplements for vitamin D. Sunlight is the best remedy for depression. So, stand in the sun for about 10 to 15 minutes, especially if you are in a cold place.


Studies have shown that exercising can prove to be as good and effective as medication when it comes to depression. Even though it will take you time to recover post delivery and you may be recommended not to exercise, it is advised that you practice mild forms of exercise like walking or moving around, instead of just being in one place. Do not, however, overdue. 30 minutes of walking every day can prove fruitful.

A lot of women get violent towards their babies as a result of postpartum depression. It is important to seek immediate medical attention if you think that you are not as happy as you had expected you would be or if you show signs of depression.

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