How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Breast Cancer Awareness day is an initiative to publicise issues affecting people with breast cancer, which has no definite cure as of now. Here are some ideas for the campaign that benefit society as a whole.

Himanshu Sharma
MiscellaneousWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 06, 2012Updated at: Feb 06, 2012
How to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Day

October month is asscoaited with the social cause of breast cancer awareness, also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). During this term, several breast cancer charities spread awareness of the disease by social activities and participation of cancer patients. Moreover, the event is a fund raiser, collection of which is used in treatment and research. Programs organised during the month puts forth causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Breast Cancer along with other associated issues.

Fourth Monday in October is observed as Breast Cancer Day all over the world. As it has become part of so many lives, therefore, it is important to celebrate it. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer. Pink colour has become synonymous with breast cancer awareness, with pink ribbons becoming a ubiquitous sight at the gatherings for the cause. Apart from pink ribbons, pink colour balloons and streamers reveal breast cancer realities. These displays underline festivity and visibility of the cause.


• To make your cancer awareness ribbon visible to one and all, pin the same on your lapel. To help your peers, pals, family and people participating in the cause, carry some extra ribbons and pins.

• Make an effort to collect donations for research of the disease.

• Make posters, sketches and drawings for the cause so that visitors get curious to know and participate in the cause. You can also hang breast cancer awareness wreath on your home’s door or place the same at workstation. Moreover, keep some ribbons with you and ask visitors to tie them on the wreath for someone who is fighting / fought breast cancer.

• You can publicise the significance of the day over the internet, either by blogging or through social networking portals. Furthermore, you can write editor to publish special feature on the eve regarding breast cancer.

• Make an attempt to write to government authorities, urging them to take initiatives for improving treatments for women with breast cancer.

• Try that your local television channel or radio station discusses the significance of celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Day on the eve. Make sure as much points are discussed while making such a proposal.

• You can also do your bit by volunteering to addressing high school or college in the community, presenting them with useful information on breast cancer.


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