How to Balance Your Girlfriend and Friends

Knowing how to balance your girlfriend and friends may be stressful, but some tips and general rules can help you manage your relationships with friends and girlfriend.

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How to Balance Your Girlfriend and Friends

How to Balance Your Girlfriend and FriendsBalancing a romantic relationship and friendships is one of the common challenges faced by several men. Usually, in the early phase of your romantic relationship, the girlfriend will demand a larger share of your time and attention. Caught in the dilemma, you may sometimes feel that balancing the two is a complicated task.

You may feel for your friends, who were there for you in your happiness and sadness before you got into the relationship. Considering that you place credence in the fact that your friends will be there if something goes wrong you don’t want to mess up things because of your intimate relationship.

In such a situation, there isn’t any direct approach to balancing friends and girlfriend. Mentioned below are some tips to save you from widening differences with friends due to your girlfriend and keeping everyone happy.


Plan Things Together

Familiarise your girlfriend with your friends. She will foresee what friendship means to you. If you don’t make her meet your friends,  you may end up being asked ‘why are you embarrassed to introduce me to your friends?’ Keeping both parties apart will add to your woes and may make your girlfriend suspicious.


Give Girlfriend her Rights

Occasions such as Valentine's Day, her birthday and other significant anniversaries belong to her. You need to make your friends realise that there may be few days that will wholly belong to your girlfriend. Considering your happiness, they will happily accept it.


Manage Time

Balancing friendship and love won’t be a difficult task if you distribute time evenly for both parties. Don’t be laid-back to let it go as it comes. Manage things, plan for things in advance to keep both happy. This will also convey the message as to how much you care for them. It is completely up to you to plan and handle things, but make sure that your involvement with friends won’t put your relationship with your girlfriend at stake and vice-versa.


Pay Attention to Girlfriend/Friends

When you're with her, be with her. Similarly, when you are with pals, don’t neglect them. Your girlfriend will feel unwanted if you keep texting your friends while you are with her. Few dates won’t strengthen your relationship. Building relationship is a gradual process, which requires your every bit of attention.

Once you establish equilibrium between your girlfriend and your friends, you will be able to put a smile on everybody's face as well as yours.


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