What Makes a Good Intimate Relationship?

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Mar 14, 2013

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Good Intimate Relationship

Some people consider intimate relationship to be influenced by lust while for some it is just an emotional and mental connection. In both the cases, intimate relationships are characterised by warm and deep emotions.


  • Find out your self-imposed obstacles: Remember that intimacy in your relationship will start with you. So know yourself and find out what you want from a relationship. For a good intimate relationship it is essential to know your own desires, drives and motivations.
  • Take responsibility for your personal difficulties and habits that are acting as an obstacle to a good intimate relationship.
  • Another important thing is to respect yourself and particularly your feelings. Acknowledge the fact that you have lots to give in an intimate relationship.
  • A good intimate relationship is a two way process so except what genuinely feels good to you. Don’t hesitate in sharing your feelings with your partner.
  • Don’t try to be artificial to make your partner happy.
  • Establish trust at each and every level of your relationship. Make sure that both of you are able to trust each other in everything. It can include respecting and keeping your partners secrets, fear and struggles only to you. 
  • Deep intimacy can often bring up the old wounds. Take it as an opportunity to come closer to your significant other and build intimacy in your relationship.
  • Share your deepest wishes, needs, hopes, dreams and thoughts. You can talk about each other childhood adventures and experiences or can discuss the current happenings of your life.
  • Give unconditional support to your partner. Be there in his/her in both the good and bad times. If your partner resists your attempts to comfort you must respect his/her feeling and give her time. The whole idea is to be emotionally available to your partner as and when needed.
  • To makes a good intimate relationship it is very important to handle the conflict in your relationship in a peaceful manner. Don’t ever bring your ego to your relationship instead apologise and forgiveness are the key ingredients of a good intimate relationship.
  • Romance is an essential component for a good intimate relationship. Watching movies together, go for a candle light dinner, compliments each other, watch sunset to add an extra zing to your relationship.


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