How to Date a College Girl

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Jun 02, 2011

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College studentsDating a girl in her senior school years or in graduation years is more challenging. To date a college girl you need to compete with many others. Here are some of the tips that will help you to date a college girl:


Asking for Date


Don’t ask a girl for date only for the reason that you find her attractive. Firstly, it is important to know her. This can be done via some common links between both of you such as common friends or simply by interacting with each other on social networking sites.


Even if you think that college girls are more modern and liberate in their thinking, remember that they still appreciate men to take initiative and ask her for date. So get ready to make the first move.


Be Creative


Try to be creative and unique, this doesn’t mean that you need to be very romantic or spend loads of money on your date. Avoid talking about usual routine things such as T.V shows or your office schedules. Find out her likings, desires, things that interest her and talk about them.


Keep it Simple


Don’t turn your date into a huge affair in fact keep it simple. After all, the basic idea of dating is to know each other and find out whether you are willing to start a long-term relationship.


If you want to keep your date slight informal then ask her for coffee or lunch. A more romantic idea of dating can be a dinner date prepared by you. This will also give you a chance to impress her with your cooking skills.


Understand Her


Try to make every moment that you spend together a memorable one. Remember that even a small gesture counts and help your relationship to grow, so be considerate and have fun.


You must understand that college schedules are hectic so plan your dates according to her convenience. Don’t get disappointed if she cancels the plan at last moment. She must also be upset on cancelling the dating plan.


Asking her for Second Date


Be patient and don’t force her as she may need some time to decide. Just hint her for the second date so that she knows that you are interested.




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