Tips for a successful first date

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Jun 05, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Show confidence on first date.
  • Dress appropriately for the date.
  • Being late leaves a bad impression.
  • Don’t forget to compliment your partner.

On a your first date, you have to be confident and show your positive side to the person you are meeting. First date brings lots of anxiety to you. There areBy following a few tips, you by which you can control your anxieties and can have a successful first date.

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Dress properly

Dressing is an important aspect of the first date. You should dress aptly  according to the place of the date and the situation. Dress in a clean outfit. Men can wear jackets, jeans or suits accompanied with a clean pair of shoes. Women should dress in a more descent way rather than dressing in a provocative way.

Be on time

Turning up late on the first date creates a wrong impression. If you are supposed to pick up your date, make sure your date does not have to wait for you. This will establish you as a responsible person in the eyes of your partner.

Compliment your partner

If you are going with a girl, compliment her for her clothes and her looks. A man should keep complimenting her throughout the date to show his interest in her. Be sincere and honest while complimenting her. This will send positive vibes to your date.

Talk and listen

To enjoy the date it’s essential that you talk less and listen more. Give your date a chance to talk and to express his/her feelings. By listening to your partner, you come to know many things about the person. If you like the person, express that you are interested to have a relationship with him/her.

Tips for first date

Be mysterious

Don’t reveal your complete life history in the first date. People are always attracted towards mystery, so be a little mysterious. Your date will be curious to know more about you and this will lead to another date.

Show confidence

Always be confident in whatever you say and do. Remember a confident person makes a good impression on others. Your personality should depict confidence and positivity.

Stay away from alcohol

Try to stay away from alcohol. If also you want to drink, drink do so in a controlled way. Over drinking can bring embarrassment to your date.

Touch me not

Touching lightly or in a gentle way shows your interest in him/her, but do not over touch too much. A gentle handshake will send the right message to your partner. If your date is comfortable, give a good night kiss to her/him.

Always remember that first impression is the last impression. Therefore try to impress your date with the right mannerisms and attitude. This can be the beginning of a new relationship.

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