5 Home Care Tips For Dengue Patients

Dengue patients with mild infection can be easily treated at home. Refer to this article to know how to manage dengue at home.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Oct 04, 2022 12:32 IST
5 Home Care Tips For Dengue Patients

The cases of dengue are rising in the country which calls for immediate management and public awareness. The national capital recorded over four hundred  cases of dengue fever last week. Dengue is spread when an Aedes aegypti mosquito bites a healthy person. This could lead to its severe progression to dengue haemorrhagic fever which can be fatal. Thus, it is very important to take the right care of dengue patients. Since there is no specific treatment or medicine for dengue, preventive care and management of symptoms is the only resort. People with mild dengue infection can seek at-home treatment. We have shared some effective home care tips for dengue patients in the article.

Dengue patients get high fever which needs to be managed as persistent fever can be life-threatening for them. The other issues or symptoms of dengue that require monitoring and management are muscle & joint pain, dehydration, headache, light sensitivity, dry mouth, itchy skin and rashes. Home care should include ways to cope with these symptoms.

5 Home care tips for dengue patients

1. Manage Fever

High fever is catastrophic for dengue patients. It may persist for days and thus, can weaken the body. Thus, managing fever is the most important for dengue management. You must also consult a doctor to keep a check on the patient’s health and well-being especially in case of children, elderly and people with chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes.

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Home Care Tips For Dengue Patients

2. Drink ample water and fluids

Dengue fever causes acute dehydration. The patient must drink water at regular intervals to combat dehydration and manage body temperature. Drink room temperature water only. Besides, have coconut water and giloy water daily to boost hydration and strengthen immunity.

3. Check Platelets Daily

One of the most important tips for dengue care at home is monitoring platelets regularly, if not daily. Dengue infection may cause a steep decline in platelets which is very risky. In some cases, hospitalisation may be required if the platelets drop down below 20,000. One should get immediate medical aid to recover platelets.

One of the at-home remedies for increasing platelets is drinking fresh papaya leaf juice. This is extremely effective in increasing platelets. Besides, drinking a glass of goat milk also provides similar benefits.

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4. Avoid painkillers

Dengue management

One mistake that a lot of people commit is taking painkillers to alleviate muscle pain, joint pain and headache during dengue. One should only take a paracetamol to control body temperature or fever, that too only when the fever is dangerously high(102 degrees or above).

5. Consume light food

Dengue attacks the immune system which can hamper your others including the digestive system. One should eat light and healthy meals like khichdi, daliya or other porridge that is soft on the system and digests properly. Besides, no-oil and no-spiced food helps in faster recovery.

Keeping oneself protected is extremely important. Even if you recover from dengue, follow mosquito protection measures like using a mosquito repellent and wearing full-sleeved clothes. This would help in providing extra protection.

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