Here Are 6 Useful Tips To Control Phone Addiction

Phone addiction is a common occurrence in people nowadays. Here are some tips to control it. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Mar 14, 2021 11:55 IST
Here Are 6 Useful Tips To Control Phone Addiction

It can be very difficult to avoid mobile phone usage as it can become an addiction with time. And not just children, even adults are in a habit of using various social media platforms on electronic devices. Moreover, nowadays, all the work is done through laptops and mobile phones, which makes it a necessity too. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, everyone has been doing the office work and taking online classes using mobile phones only. Technology is developing day by day and we are moving forward with the usage. The millennials are even more quick in picking onto the trends and getting easily addicted to social media. You can do a wireless devices detox once a month. Excessive usage of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc can be harmful for your body. The antennas in these wireless devices release bad radio frequency radiations. This addiction can be managed by making simple changes. Read this article further to know about some tips to control phone addiction.

How to control phone addiction?

Did you know that an average smartphone user checks their device atleast 47 times a day? Around 85% of the users do this even while spending time with their friends and family. As per a study, an average user spends 2-3 hours per day on the mobile phone. You might often find yourself scrolling through social media casually for hours. Here are some tips to control phone addiction:

1. Don't charge your phone near the bed

charge your phone

You should surely not charge your phone near the bed, as it can trigger to use it even more and pass harmful radiations to your body. Do not charge your phone in the bedroom. Most of the negative impacts on your body such as poor sleep can be terminated by avoiding your mobile phones and keeping them away from your bed. This is a helpful tip to control the usage of mobile phones.

2. Remove distracting and addictive apps

Sometimes, you cannot control on tapping the different icons on your home screen. This is mostly the situation with games and social media apps. You can try and change the places of all the addictive and distracting apps to the less used page, where it is tougher for you to open them again and again. Do not keep any apps just one tap away. You can remove such distracting social media apps or games from your phone totally.

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3. Do not use your phone before sleeping

You should not use your phone before bedtime at all. Constantly checking and going through your phone throughout the day disturbs your productivity and looking at the screen before sleeping can also affect your quality of sleep. You should also stop for a few seconds and think twice before grabbing your phone and try to know the reason behind using it again and again.

4. Set limits

set limits

If there are certain apps that are taking too much of your time, you can set daily limits for yourself on using them. You can make a schedule for yourself and minimise the usage. In fact, there are options on some applications to set the limit, and when you react it, you will receive a notification. The limit surely creates an additional barrier between you and the apps you use too much. Setting a limit and being firm on it can be a helpful tip to control yourself. There are many useful apps that can time our usage on the devices. 

5. Minimise notifications

Minimising or stopping the notifications can also help in phone usage reduction. Your phone has a setting to turn off the notifications from some selected applications as well. You can leave the notifications on for email and messaging, while do otherwise for other distracting  social media apps. It is a good idea to not get bothered at all in order to control your phone addiction completely.

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So, these were some useful tips to control phone addiction. You can follow these instructions to stop yourself from using any devices. Avoiding phone usage might seem challenging and extremely difficult but can be controlled with simple lifestyle changes. Do not make using your phone a daily habit and avoid it as much as possible.

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