Healthy Vegetarian Snacks You Can Make Quickly

Roasted chickpeas, popcorn, and cottage cheese are some healthy vegetarian snacks you can make quickly at home.

Varun Verma
Written by: Varun VermaUpdated at: Feb 19, 2023 19:05 IST
Healthy Vegetarian Snacks You Can Make Quickly

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Finding healthy snacking options can be troublesome when the lifestyle turns unhealthy and even more difficult if you are a vegetarian. Several snacks are available in the market, but they are loaded with highly processed and rich in sodium and fat. These items can harm your health both in the short and long run. But don’t lose hope,  there are some healthy options you can rely on. Here are five healthy vegetarian snacks you can make quickly at home.

Roasted Chickpea

When it comes to the healthy snacking option, what's better than chickpeas? They are legumes rich in protein, vitamins, manganese, and folate. They go well with various dishes and components because of their nutty flavour and gritty texture.

The best part of having chickpeas is that you can eat them after quickly roasting them. After you roast chickpeas, you can spice them up with garlic, chilli powder, and cinnamon.

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Another easy-to-prepare vegetarian snack you can prepare quickly at home is popcorn. Not only are popcorns easy to make, but they are nutritious, have fewer calories and are rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. It is also rich in manganese, which helps in healthy digestion, strengthens the immune system, and improves cognitive function.

You can eat popcorn in various ways and season them with onion, parsley, and vegetarian parmesan. But select air-popper popcorn instead of pre-packaged ones, as the latter is packed with high fat, sodium, and calories.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is another snacking option you can make at home quickly. It is made from cow's milk and is highly proteinous, and also rich in vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium. If you are deficient in calcium, you can have cottage cheese to make up for it. Some consume cottage cheese raw, while some add them to their curry. You can have them roasted after sprinkling a pinch of salt and black pepper. You can also add capsicum while roasting the cheese to enhance the flavour.


Oatmeal is often classified as a breakfast item, but you can also have it as a snack anytime during the day. Add toppings like almonds, seeds, dried fruit, berries, cinnamon, or nut butter to your oatmeal to enhance the flavour. Having oatmeal when you are on a weight loss journey greatly helps due to the presence of beta-glucan fibre. It also helps to manage blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

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Dry Fruits Laddoos

Laddoos are greatly liked and consumed in Indian households and can serve as an excellent snacking option, filling your stomach and providing energy. Adding dry fruits to them increases their effectiveness. Generally, laddoos are sweet, but you can avoid them and make them sugarless, which is equally delicious. To make dry fruit laddoos, you need to grind dry fruits like dates, almonds, cashew, etc., until they become powdery. After this, take a handful of dry fruit powder and roll them between your hands to make small balls or dumplings. Keep them for some time and savour the delicious taste of these homemade balls.

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