Healthy Macaroni Salad Recipe

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 21, 2011

 Macaroni Opera Too many dieticians around? Confused? Just remember to eat smart and healthy. It is not only about what you eat but also about how you eat it. BMIs differ from person to person, so random dietary advice is not the correct thing to do. Make eating more as a slice of life!


Key Ingredients: 1 teaspoon mustard sauce, ½ onion (diced), 2 tablespoons of macaroni (softened), 2 chopped celery stalks, 1 ½ tomatoes, salt and pepper as per taste


Mix the ingredients well and toss it in the pan. Serve it with cherries, mozzarella cheese or pomegranate seeds!


Nutri-check:  This preparation is not stir-fried and will curb your hunger pangs in a tasty way. Whole-wheat macaronis are healthy and filling. Mustard speeds up your digestive juices in the body that promotes a healthy metabolism.



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