Using Eyelash Extensions To Get The Look? Beware Of These Side Effects

In order to safeguard you from risks of these extensions, here we have 5 health risks and side effects of using eyelash extensions.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Nov 06, 2021 11:30 IST
Using Eyelash Extensions To Get The Look? Beware Of These Side Effects

With the festive season around the corner we all try to look our best even if it's halloween, diwali or wedding functions. Looking all decked up and glamorous for that camera is the need of the season. In order to look the best version of themselves, people often tend to spend hours in salons to achieve that perfect hairstyle and to experiment with different makeup styles. From smokey to shimerry and from mineral to matte, no matter whichever makeup style you opt for, there are a few basic things that remain the same. Styling you up and helping you get that look is not our motive this time, but it is to make you aware about the health risk of going all out with your make-up and different make-up products.

While extravagant and long eyelashes is what most of us desire, we surely try to go to any extent to achieve that look. Where natural ways of growing those eyelashes can take quite a lot of time, people have started turning towards those fake lashes lately. Where these fake eyelash extensions can help you achieve that glamorous look in seconds, it is important to know that they can do a lot of harm to your eyes. The side-effects of these eyelash extensions can be so severe that they can also lead to a permanent vision loss. Without any further ado let's jump right into this article and learn about 5 health risks of using eyelash extensions.

Health Risks Of using Eyelash Extension

We have to admit that by the 21st century the beauty industry has advanced itself to a great extent. Where there is a solution to every beauty problem of yours from making you look fairer in seconds to turning your short hair into Rapunzel like mane, anything and everything is possible in today’s world. Where hair extensions are not the only thing this beauty industry has confined itself to, people have also come up with eyelash extensions that have gained a lot of popularity amongst people in recent times. Where we all love those thick and long lashes, it is important to know that opting for eyelash extensions in order to get that look can be quite dangerous. It is not just the irritation it causes to your eyes but the risks of doing so can go to a large extent. In order to safeguard you from these risks and to make you all aware about them, here we have 5 health risks and side effects of using eyelash extensions.

#1. Irritation 

If you are someone who has been using these eyelash extensions for a long time, by now you might be well aware of the irritation and itch that it causes. Where the majority of us think that a two minutes itch is what all those extensions are going to cause, here’s one to burst that little bubble. As the area around your eyelids is very sensitive, the chemical based glue used to stick these lashes onto those eyelids can many times lead to severe irritation and allergic reactions.

Image Credits- Medical News Today

Sometimes even after taking a patch test with these chemical based glues is not enough and people might not experience an allergic reaction during the patch test but surely on the eyelids due to the sensitivity of the region. 

#2. Infection

Do you all remember how during those childhood days teachers in our school used to teach us about the importance of personal hygiene. Well that teacher taught us the importance and correct way of brushing our teeth twice a day, bathing daily and washing our hair and our hands every now and then, but she might have skipped teaching us all about the eyelash hygiene. Worry not, because here we are to help you out with that. As proper hygiene is important for our body and other makeup tools, it is equally important to keep our eyelash extensions clean and hygienic or they might end up giving us a bacterial infection. If proper sanitation and application instructions are not followed, the use of unhygienic extensions can lead to bacterial infections.


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This infection is generally caused due to the presence of trapped bacteria in these lashes due to getting stored in unhygienic conditions. In several cases this infection can become serious and result in pink eye. 

In order to protect your eyes and these infections at bay, it is advised to thoroughly clean your eyelash extensions with a gentle cleanser.

#3. Damages the natural lashes

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Where you are sticking these eyelash extensions onto your lids while promising yourself that you will stop doing so once your natural lashes grow longer and thicker, this one can be an eye opener for you. No matter what high quality extensions you are using or what professional make up artist is helping you out in putting up those extensions, they are surely going to damage your natural lashes. As our natural lashes are rooted onto the eyelids, the glue applied on the lids can be damaging and hinder upin the growth. It is not just the glue but these extensions as well that exert a pressure over your natural lashes. As your natural lashes would not be able to take up the weight of these extensions, they might break and fall off.

#4. Inflammation & Swelling

For those of you who still think that using eyelashes from high end makeup brands would not cause any harm to their eyes, then it is important to know that these eyelash extension glues contain formaldehyde in them. No matter what product you are using, this is a common ingredient found in all of them and even some big stars have faced the consequences of using them.

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A formaldehyde allergic reaction can be so severe that it can also lead to death. This chemical is so irritating to the upper respiratory tract of the eyes that start with teary eyes and end up becoming dangerous for your life. 

#5. Dry Eyes

A condition where your tear ducts are unable to provide adequate lubrication to your eyes is known as dry eyes. Thus lack of moisture being provided from your tear ducts can result in itching, gritty sensation, blurry vision, redness and even light sensitivity. You might be surprised to know that this condition of dry eyes can be caused due to the use of eyelash extensions.

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Where you are often instructed to treat these extensions gently and to avoid water, oil based products, cleansers and creams in that region, for about 24 hours, people often end up skipping on these essential cleansing activities. Due to this the dirt and bacteria stuck in your lashes and extensions do not get a way to escape and hence lead to blocking up those oil glands at the base of the lashes. This blockage leads to lack of moisture in the eye and therefore results in the condition of dry eyes.