Do You Have The Habit Of Using Phone In The Washroom? Stop It Now!

If you have the habit of taking phone to the loo, you should stop this immediately. Here are five disadvantages of using phone in toilet.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jan 17, 2021Updated at: Jan 17, 2021
Do You Have The Habit Of Using Phone In The Washroom? Stop It Now!

A lot of people like to take their phone to the loo to kill time but is this a right thing to do? Whether to know what’s happening on social media or catching up with friends, a lot of people cannot do without phones in the washroom. Have you noticed that you take more time to freshen up with your phone as compared to without it? This is one habit that you need to stop right now as it can cause many health issues. This is one of the most overlooked health mistakes that may be making you fall sick often. Find the health hazards of using phone on the toilet seat in this article.

#1 Carrier of germs

Have you ever thought that your toilet has a lot of germs and using your phone there can make your phone a potential carrier of germs? Now, wherever you take your phone with you, the bacteria and germs on it are also moving with you. Besides, these germs would also pass on to other things and people that you come in direct contact with.


#2 It can cause constipation and problematic defecation

Since you have accustomed your body to spending a long time on the toilet seat, it can lead to constipation. You won’t be able to poop in less time which can disrupt your digestive functions. Also, you are more concentrated on using the phone than defecating which is concerning. This habit can disrupt the natural phenomenon of pooping and you might also suffer from faecal impaction. You must read that the recommendations for closing lid while flushing during coronavirus outbreak.

#3 It can cause diarrhoea and UTI

Yes, this habit can also make you a victim of urinary tract infections. You are using your phone with your hands that are carrying germs from touching the toilet seat, toilet paper roll, etc. The germs are transferred to your phone. Now, when you eat anything after touching your phone, the germs enter your body and can cause diarrhoea, digestive distress, bowel disease and UTI. Think about that!

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#4 This habit can cause hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a serious issue and are commonly known as piles. You will be shocked to know that using the phone in the loo can give you piles! This ie because your body gets habitual of long sessions and it can cause inflammation of the anal veins and around the rectum. Rectal bleeding is also caused due to hemorrhoids. 


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#5 It stresses out your brain

Use washroom time as ‘me’ time. Consider it as a relaxation period and give break to your brain. If you take your phone with you, your brain would be working there as well which is not a healthy sign. This can cause unnecessary stress and may affect your focus and concentration.

Apart from these health hazards, there are numerous other disadvantages of using phone in toilet. Firstly, it makes you spend unnecessary time in the loo. Secondly, it would occupy your brain and affect information processing. Thirdly, you may end up dropping it in the pot or water bucket! A lot of people have experienced this and therefore, it is best to avoid using phone in the washroom for your health and safety.

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