Is Lukewarm Water Good For Health? Here Are Some Health Benefits Of Drinking It

Why is it advisable to drink lukewarm water in the severe cold? Learn how chilled water damages you and warm water benefits you.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Oct 27, 2020 17:01 IST
Is Lukewarm Water Good For Health? Here Are Some Health Benefits Of Drinking It

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Health benefits of drinking lukewarm water in the morning: For eras, Eastern medicine practitioners have suggested beginning the day with a glass of lukewarm water to kick-start the metabolism. With a wide variety of beverage choices, lukewarm water is probably the best option. But is it beneficial for health? Winters are almost here, as you must have felt that these days morning and evening temperatures have been lowered by 5-6 degrees Celsius. Nowadays even the normal water feels chilled due to this weather change. According to experts, drinking icy-cold water can be harmful to your health and can give you many problems. Especially for asthma and sinus patients, chilled water can cause serious problems. Let’s look at some benefits of drinking lukewarm water and how cold water affects your health.

Why drinking lukewarm water is beneficial?

It is always beneficial for you to drink lukewarm water during weather change. Lukewarm does not mean hot water; that is, it should not be boiling (as it would burn your mouth while drinking it). Drinking too much hot water can also cause burns inside your throat and mouth. So keep in mind that the water should be tolerable. This instruction is most important for respiratory patients.

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  • Lukewarm water for weight loss: As per experts, lukewarm water consumption prepares your gut and contributes to weight loss. It prevents bloating, clears the intestines, and via contraction of the bowels, it helps get rid of excess water weight. Lukewarm water also increases body temperature, which makes the body to disburse energy to reduce its temperature back to normal. This energy outgo improves metabolism.
  • Lukewarm water boosts metabolism: Since the weather is changing, it will also affect your metabolism and digestion. Since the body also resorts to heat to digest your food, if you drink cold water, then you might face the problem of digestion. Metabolism of the body is intensified by drinking lukewarm water. This makes your body burn more fat. A good metabolism is beneficial for your whole body.
  • Lukewarm water and Nasal congestion: In short research, investigators found that drinking lukewarm water boosts nasal mucus velocity and both beat freezing water. Of note, the results dwindled within thirty minutes.

Breathing tube shrinks with ice-cold water

When you drink freezing water, it affects your respiratory tract. The mucus of your nose becomes thick due to cold water, and the respiratory tract gets inflamed. You may have trouble breathing. How to identify such a situation? The easiest way is that you feel discomfort while breathing. This can be a bit troublesome for an ordinary person. But for respiratory patients, eosinophilia patients and sinus affected people, such a situation can be difficult, which can prove fatal at times.


Does cold water decrease the heartbeat? Drinking cold water also reduces your heartbeat. Research suggests that cold water shrinks your vagus nerve. This nerve is an essential part of your nervous system, which controls many activities of the body. Therefore, drinking cold water can also be very dangerous for heart patients.

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