Fake News: Cow Urine, Lukewarm Water And Garlic Cannot Cure Coronavirus. Know More Such Myths

Here is the reality behind 10 coronavirus- related news making rounds on social media, which are entirely misleading

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Mar 27, 2020 18:19 IST
Fake News: Cow Urine, Lukewarm Water And Garlic Cannot Cure Coronavirus. Know More Such Myths

It is effortless to fool us Indians! We are very emotional and sensitive, which is why we easily believe anything without any investigation. The coronavirus pandemic, which is now spreading in India, has scared all of us. Also, we get to see and hear a lot many remedies, facts on social media, with no authenticity from verified sources.  Currently, the number of positive coronavirus cases has increased to around 700. While the death toll is 17, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Also, 66 people have been treated.

India has been locked down for 21 days, despite which cases are increasing. Many experts believe that the reason for the rise of corona infection is due to lack of awareness, belief in all kinds of myths and misleading information around this deadly virus spreading through social media. A lot many organisations are doing so to mint money but essential is to understand what can lead to worsening of the situation.

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The Minister of Information and Broadcasting has also appealed to the public, in a recent statement, not to pay attention to the rumours related to the coronavirus, but also to rely on what has been verified by the Union Ministry of Health.

Myth 1: Drinking cow urine protects against coronavirus

Truth: In our country, a cow is a revered figure, but that does not mean that she can be a cure for everything. According to Ayurveda, cow urine and cow dung are used for traditional remedies. As far as the treatment of coronavirus is concerned, it is wrong. Cardiologist Dr Shailendra Bhadoriya of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi says, "It is not right to say that cow urine can cure coronavirus unless it is adequately studied. There is no evidence that cow urine has anti-viral properties to kill coronavirus in the body. "


Myth 2: Anti-Coronavirus mattress

Truth: Soon after the coronavirus started to spread in India, this advertisement was seen everywhere. In times of pandemics, some traders took this as an opportunity to increase their sales by spreading false news. This so-called anti-corona virus mattress is being sold for Rs 15,000, which attracted many people to it, and some people even bought it! After a complaint against the producer, the advertisement was removed.


Myth 3: Meat causes coronavirus

Truth: Soon after the coronavirus outbreak in the meat market in Wuhan city of China, people believed that eating meat was the reason behind it. This is untrue. Vegetarianism is considered excellent. But it is not yet clear that coronavirus can spread or happen due to meat consumption. The press information bureau has denied these rumours and said that meat consumption could in no way add to the virus.

Myth 4: Alcohol-free hand sanitizer is the best

Truth: Have you seen cow urine sanitizer in the market? It is for sale since 2018 but was highly publicised after the coronavirus outbreak. Blind believers of cows believe that it is superior to alcohol-based sanitisers in killing the coronavirus. Ironically, people are buying and using alcohol-free sanitisers for protection from germs. Whereas, the WHO has insisted on using alcohol-based sanitizers only to reduce the risk of coronavirus.

Myth 5: Coronavirus is spread by air

Truth: Under normal circumstances, the novel coronavirus is not airborne. The fact check team of Press Information Bureau, after finding out the truth, has said that it spreads through droplets and by close contact of human beings. The risk of infection increases when people touch their mouth, nose and eyes with contaminated hands.

Myth 6: Summers and bathing with hot water will eradicate coronavirus

Truth: The viral message of bathing with hot water kills coronavirus is wrong. Apart from this, the fact that the virus is destroyed with the onset of summer is also misleading. The World Health Organization has denied this ultimately. At the same time, the Union Ministry of Health has also rejected this.

Myth 7: Spraying alcohol or disinfectant on the body can prevent coronavirus

Truth: Coronavirus cannot be prevented by spraying alcohol or sanitizer on the body or by spraying a disinfectant. The infection spreads when the virus enters the body through the nose and mouth. Alcohol-based soap and sanitizer can only clean viruses from the hand.

Myth 8: Eating raw garlic and sesame can prevent coronavirus

Truth: Eating garlic and sesame is beneficial, but it cannot protect you from coronavirus infection. This claim is made to stop the coronavirus is completely false. You can prevent the spread of corona by just washing hands, by following social distillation, self-isolation and by wearing a mask.

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