Know These 8 Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water During COVID Pandemic

Drinking hot water can improve your body functions. Know what are the key benefits and how can it be beneficial in COVID Pandemic.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: May 17, 2021 12:51 IST
Know These 8 Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water During COVID Pandemic

Earlier when the COVID-19 infection started to rise, there was a lot of buzz about drinking hot, water, taking steam and even bathing in hot water. Although all of these may not cure COVID infection but one of them can definitely benefits you in keeping your health steady. Drinking hot water is often recommended by doctors and nutritionist for multiple purposes. Boiling the water also kills germs and bacteria present in the water hence it is a good practise. Today OnlyMyHealth will let you know some key benefits of drinking hot water to keep yourself healthy in this pandemic state.

Is Drinking Hot Water Healthy?

Our expert Nutritionist Ms. Shalini Thakur from Indu Hospital, Lucknow exclaims that there are many claims which can be made regarding this topic, however the truth is that drinking Luke warm water is beneficial for your health in some way or the other. Nonetheless, hot water or cold, it keeps your body hydrated and healthy. It can extensively help you if you have clogged nose or throat due to cold or cough. Regarding COVID-19, you can prefer drinking hot water for prevention of mild symptoms which usually occur in human body such as Cough, cold, congestion and fever. So it basically aids your body work more efficiently than usual. 

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water-

1. Relieves Nasal Congestion

A cup of hot water can be really beneficial when it comes to relieving nasal congestion. Holding a cup of hot water and taking keep inhales with its vapour supports in loosening your clogged sinus and congestion.

The mucus present in you membranes of throat and sinus also get relief when you drink hot water. That warm-hot water aids is smoothening a sore throat caused by mucus build-up. It also relieves in other conditions such as running nose, sore throat, coughing and tiredness. It is best to drink hot water at room temperature.hot_water_intake

2. Helps Digestive system

Drinking water makes the digestive system work and moving. As the water moves through your stomach to the intestines, it eliminates waste from your body. Hot water is especially effective because it does not let the food particles accumulate in the sides and improves activating digestive system.

Hot water also in a manner helps to dissolve and dissipate the food that is more troublesome when it comes to digestion. It has a good effect on your intestinal movements and gas expulsion after some surgery. During COVID-19 all these things becomes much more important and it helps your system and body to work efficiently and smoothly.


3. Improves Function of Central Nervous System  

Well, having lack of water in your body can affect our nervous system; it has some negative effects when it comes to functioning and brain function. Drinking hot water can actually improve the activity in central nervous system through which the function of whole body increases as well. It also helps in building good mood. It can also help in reducing the anxiety due to smooth brain function which is crucial in this pandemic.

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4. Relieves Constipation

It is often recommended to drink lots of water if you are suffering from constipation. It is even better if you can drink hot water as it is more effective in preventing constipation. Staying hydrated is one way to stay away from constipation problems. Drinking hot water helps soften stools and makes it easier to pass through. Regular intake of hot water helps in bowel movements and improves health.

5. Reduces Shivering in Cold

It is quite natural that when you feel cold, you start shivering. In winters we often look for hot drinks and hot water to calm down our body from shivering. This is also almost the same process, drinking hot water actually helps body to bring down the temperature of the body to normal and keep it steady. During viral fever, drinking hot water is often recommended so that your body has to do less work in maintaining body temperature and focus on getting rid of virus present in your body.

6. Improves Circulation 

Proper circulation of blood in the body is very crucial to maintain blood pressure. It becomes even more important in times of COVID-10. Improper circulation can result in cardiovascular diseases and severe conditions. Taking in hot water and warm baths can improve circulation of blood in your body which improves function and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the body. Drinking hot water especially at night time helps relax you and improves your sleep.


7. Reduces Stress Levels

As discussed above, drinking hot water improves function of central nervous system and hence it makes us less anxious. Drinking hot water can reduce our anxiety levels and give a sense of calmness, satisfaction and releases positive emotions. It is also linked to staying hydrated and improving mood and relaxation levels.

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8. Aids in Detoxification Systems

Drinking hot water often can specifically benefit kidneys and protect them in diluting the waste materials in the blood. Drinking hot water can be beneficial to fight inflammation, keep the joints well lubricated and prevent gout.

It also helps relieve symptoms of achalasia which is a condition in oesophagus. It is a condition when there is trouble swallowing food and it gets stuck in the oesophagus. This can create a lot more issues during this COVID-19 times at there could be a risk of increased infection. Taking hot water aids is swallowing food and improves the condition of Achalasia.


Drinking hot water can improve your health conditions and increase circulation of blood in the body. This keeps your blood pressure in check. It also helps other systems like central nervous system and respiratory system to improve their efficiency and functioning in your body. Hot water is also beneficial in killing germs and bacteria which prevent unnecessary diseases affecting your body. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and hence it becomes more important to keep your body healthy these days, so that it could prevent corona virus from entering or affecting your body. 

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