BEWARE! There Might Be Deadly Superbugs in The Makeup Products You Use

Lack of proper cleaning may make your makeup products home for harmful bacteria and bugs. Read this article to know how and why this happens.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Dec 04, 2019
BEWARE! There Might Be Deadly Superbugs in The Makeup Products You Use

If you are one of those women who can't do without makeup, you must read this article. Sometimes we don't know that products that we use might contain potentially harmful bacteria. If we tell you that in-use makeup products such as lip gloss, mascara, beauty blenders contain bugs, would you still continue using them? This isn't hypothetical but research has proved this.

A research study done by a team from Aston University, the United Kingdom which got published in the 'Journal of Applied Microbiology' says that some regularly used products such as blenders, brushes are found to have deadly superbugs. As these are kept open and aren't cleaned on a regular basis which allows bugs to house in them. Also, people think that these don't have an expiry whereas they do! Using them beyond the date is also one of the causes of bacterial development in them.

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As per the researchers, nine out of ten makeup products tested positive with bacteria. If a person continues to use these products, they may suffer from minor problems like skin infection to major issues like blood poisoning. The risk is higher in people who have a weak immune system as then these bacteria would do damage more than what's anticipated.

"Consumers' poor hygiene practices when it comes to using make-up, especially beauty blenders, is very worrying when you consider that we found bacteria such as E.coli - which is linked with fecal contamination - breeding on the products we tested," said Amreen Basheer, Aston University, UK.

The team believes that while consumers need to be cautious with using and cleaning of products, makeup companies also need to provide usage and cleaning instructions with the product.

dirty makeup sponge

In the research, it was found that beauty blenders which are vastly used to apply foundation and blend the makeup are highly contaminated when compared to other products. These contain as much as 93% life-threatening bacteria.

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"More needs to be done to help educate consumers and the make-up industry as a whole about the need to wash beauty blenders regularly and dry them thoroughly, as well as the risks of using make-up beyond its expiry date," Basheer added.

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How Do Makeup Products Catch Bacteria?

There are numerous reasons why bacteria build up in makeup products, we have listed the major ones here:

cleaning beauty blender

  • The products are left uncovered after use
  • Some products like makeup brushes, sponges, beauty blenders get dropped on the floor during use.
  • Blenders, brushes aren’t cleaned after use.
  • Blenders are left wet after damping with water.
  • Products used after they’ve expired.

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The one product that’s most affected and bacteria-prone is a makeup sponge or beauty blender, as it is popularly called amongst makeup enthusiasts. These are an important part of the makeup regime as these come handy in applying foundation, contouring as well as highlighting. If they aren’t cleaned timely and left damp, it makes an ideal ground for breeding of deadly superbugs & other bacteria.

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