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What Causes Enlarged Breasts in Men? Read All About Gynaecomastia Condition

If a man has enlarged breasts that looks like that of a woman’s, he might be suffering from Gynaecomastia.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 21, 2022Updated at: May 21, 2022
What Causes Enlarged Breasts in Men? Read All About Gynaecomastia Condition

Have you seen a man with heavy breasts like a woman? That could be natural due to muscle gain but in most cases, it is due to Gynaecomastia condition. This makes a man’s breasts look larger than normal due to swelling and inflammation. This condition is generally seen in older men and teenage boys due to hormonal fluctuations. While some learn to live with it, others can take help of surgeries like mastectomy and liposuction to treat this condition. In this article, Dr. Parag Sahasrabudhe, Plastic Surgeon at Lokmanya Hospital explains all about Gynaecomastia or Enlarged Breast In Men.

Gynaecomastia causes

The most common cause of Gynaecomastia is hormonal imbalance in the body. When estrogen and testosterone hormone levels fluctuate in the body, it might cause breast enlargement. Apart from this, certain medications can also cause inflammation of breast tissues which makes them look heavy and fuller. Generally, the swelling subsides with time, if it doesn’t the person needs to see a doctor and seek immediate treatment. Here is the list of all possible causes of Gynaecomastia:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Testicular cancer
  • Thyroid problem
  • Alcoholism
  • Obesity
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Lung disease or lung cancer
  • Illegal drug abuse
  • Certain medications


With age, men develop this condition because of reduced testosterone production in their bodies. High body fat and low male hormone levels can make your chest look fatty. Look for these symptoms of Gynaecomastia to get it treated rightly and timely:

  • Tender breasts
  • Sensitive nipples
  • Enlarged breast tissue
  • Increasing breast size

How is Gynaecomastia diagnosed?

In order to get treated, diagnosing the condition on time is very important. This condition has visible physical symptoms that can help you find out that something is not normal. When you analyze something unusual with your breasts, consult a doctor, preferably a plastic surgeon. The two ways to diagnose this condition are:

  • Ultrasound of breasts to identify swelling in breast tissue
  • Blood tests to check hormonal levels in the body
  • If both these tests come positive, Gynaecomastia is confirmed. Let us now tell you treatment options for Gynaecomastia.

Gynaecomastia Treatment


The treatment of Gynaecomastia depends on its cause. If a boy in puberty is seeing breast enlargement, it might not need any treatment. This would go away on its own over time. They do not need any treatment as such, however, it varies with condition, severity of symptoms and personal choice of the patient.

If Gynaecomastia is caused due to hormonal imbalance, it may require treatment. Both medications and surgical options can help in treating enlarged breasts. It depends on the underlying problem.

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This is a surgical procedure where the plastic surgeon removes the extra fat from your breasts to bring them to normal shape. Here is how this procedure is performed:

  • The doctor gives local anaesthesia to the patient for a painless surgical experience.
  • Now, using a suction machine and other instruments for liposuction surgery, the doctor would conduct suction of the fat with less bleeding during the entire process.
  • This would eliminate extra fat and contour the chest in a way that it doesn’t look enlarged post surgery.
  • There would be slight bruising around the operative part along with mild pain that can be tackled with painkillers. It would go away in some days if you take proper steps for faster healing.

NOTE: Many people assume that fat returns after liposuction surgery which is not true. As per doctor, fat eliminated cannot come back but only weight gain is visible. The process is performed with precision which guarantees results even years after the surgery. However, one needs to follow all the guidelines after liposuction surgery to achieve best results. They are required to wear a pressure garment for 6-8 months after the surgery to tighten skin and give a flat chest appearance.


Tips to prevent this condition include lifestyle modifications. Cutting down on alcohol consumption, avoiding drug abuse, following a healthy lifestyle, etc. If you are taking some medications after which you are seeing breast enlargement, consult your doctor to change them. Certain medications increase estrogen levels in the body that lead to male boobs.