What is Gym Anxiety? 5 Tips To Tackle It

However difficult it may seem, anxiety can always be pushed over with the right amends. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use

Tanya Srivastava
Written by: Tanya SrivastavaPublished at: May 07, 2022Updated at: May 07, 2022
What is Gym Anxiety? 5 Tips To Tackle It

The mere thought of going to the gym may race your heart. It may be feelings of stress and anxiety that holds you back from going all-in with a regular gym routine. If you have ever felt likewise, rest assured you are not alone in this dinkum feeling. Gym anxiety is common and faced by a lot of people recently as the gyms reopen post the pandemic.

What Is Gym Anxiety

Any emotion characterised by fear, trauma or uncertainty in respect to going to the gym, it is known as gym anxiety. Anxiety is our body's natural way to respond to stress. Mostly it is the apprehension of the unforeseen future. However, as normal as it is to be under pressure and react nervously, it is also important to see the adversity of the disorders and how the body and mind takes it. Gym anxiety disorders are one of the most common forms of emotional disorders and can affect anyone with an impulsive reaction to stress, fear and uncertainty when it comes to working out at the gym.

Most people face the issue of gym anxiety when they first set their foot in a gym. It is as normal as having anxiety before starting any new endeavor or situation. The second type is the fear or stress caused after entering the gym premises.


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Tips To Overcome Gym Anxiety

However difficult it may seem, anxiety can always be pushed over with the right amends. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use in order to overcome your gym anxiety.

1. Know The Gym Before You Go

The stringent factor of gym anxiety remains unknown. So, one needs to do what is in their hands. You can regain control of the situation by getting prepared before you set your foot in the gym. This is particularly helpful when you’re brand new to gyms and their mechanisms. Check out the website to find photos, staff information, and all general information about the gym. This will help in knowing the place and people so when you actually reach, you do not feel zoned out.

2. Change Your Perspective

Be it gym anxiety or any other fear and stress, it is important to change the causes' narrative in your mind and look at it with another perspective. This exercise not only tools in taking away the stress but also widens the horizon of a person's mind. If at the gym you are intimidated by any of your fellow gym members, try striking a conversation or building a bond or merely smile at them when they pass by. This will make you feel at place and will want you to go to the gym more often and stress free.

3. Taking Deep Breaths

Deep breathing can help your nervous system in relaxing and bring anxiety symptoms down to zero. Inhale and exhale after a pause of 4 seconds and experience an instant relief. Once you get comfortable with the pattern, repeat for as long as needed. This will allow oxygen to flow better inside your body and mind.

4. Make Gym Buddies

One of the key elements of feeling at a place anywhere is the feeling that you share the space with a familiar person or friend. Make friends at the gym, so that you have a person to talk, share and workout with. Going to the gym in this situation gets extremely comfortable. If the person goes to the gym even before you did, this is good too. This way the other person will familiarise you with the nitty-gritties of the gym.


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5. Having A Work Out Routine

Having a work out plan chalks out a lot of burden. You would know your weekly routine and this way your mind shall have more time to process your time at the gym all throughout the week. This is also known as having a plan, which evens out not just in the gym life but fits well in every stance of life.

Make sure that there is a general progression in the sort of exercises your trainer asks you to perform. If you are a new bee, it is vital to go slow in the beginning and then take the race. You need to give your mind and body enough time to process your workout regime so it does not snap.

Exercising and working out helps greatly when it comes to anxiety disorders and even depression. Focus on your breathing whenever you exercise. Do not lose hope as being mentally fit is as important as being physically fit.