Fitness Consultant Diksha Chhabra Debunks Myths Around Face Gym Exercises

Reduce Facial Fat Naturally: Executing some lifestyle modifications can help a person to lose weight and achieve a slimmer looking face.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Mar 08, 2021Updated at: Mar 08, 2021
Fitness Consultant Diksha Chhabra Debunks Myths Around Face Gym Exercises

Face or facial gym exercises: Social media has raised bars when it comes to beauty standards. Especially when it comes to facial structures, with chiselled jawlines, greek nose and prominent cheekbones all over the internet, how your face looks like is a constant need, and people put time and money to meet the standards by other means. Social media filters, sculpting makeup techniques, taping and using sculpting clay are a few of the many practices undertaken to achieve perfect features as per the current norms. When it comes to beauty, what you may read and watch a lot about on the internet these days is Facial Gymnastics or Face Gym. The facial gym is often confused for facial but is said to be a kind of workout majorly constituting a range of high energy movements used on the face to lift and sculpt facial features, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. The following activity promotes lymphatic drainage and microcirculation throughout facial muscles. Facial Gym is often mistaken for facial sculpting. Facial sculpting is a method that uses the relatively softer technique of refining features with the help of hands and tools along with essential face oils. Meanwhile, the trending facial exercises have been vouched by many as a course of action best suited to lose facial fats and achieve a chiselled look, following a trend overlooking long term effects that may lead otherwise.

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  • Are facial exercises practical for slimming cheeks and reducing wrinkles? Working out a distinct area of the body to lose weight there does not work. The only healthy, non-surgical way to reduce facial fat is overall weight loss achieved through the right diet and exercise as far as wrinkles are concerned too. Many facial Exercises might make the situation worse. Our face is like a complex web of muscles beneath the skin layer, stretchy and elastic. Movements recommended in facial Exercises require pulls the skin resulting in loosening of the skin, not tightening. Countless websites, product reviews and books ensure extraordinary outcomes, but any indication that implies facial exercises are practical for reducing wrinkles or slimming cheeks is mainly anecdotal. There is a limited clinical study on the effectiveness of facial movements.
Do facial exercises work?
  • Do facial exercises work? Facial Exercises are done with the objective of face fat reduction, or wrinkle reduction doesn't work as we expect. You might have seen countless books, articles and videos, even celebrities endorsing facial Exercises everywhere. But it cannot be as effective as it's claimed. Generally speaking, exercising muscles burns calories, the only way to achieve weight loss. However, we do not determine where in the body those calories come from. So, while facial activities may stimulate your muscles, if you want to cut down on face fat, rhythmic smiling alone won’t get you there. So, while facial activities may stimulate your tissues, if what you are after are slimmer cheeks, rhythmic smiling alone would not get you there.
  • Do facial exercises help in face sculpting? If not, the difference between facial movements and sculpting? Sculpting techniques were massaging your face with hands or tools and are different from facial Exercises. Later consist of stretching your facial muscles using Jaw, frowning of opening your mouth big etc. Sculpting may or may not help get you the desired results, but it supports better blood circulation around the face, leading to more oxygen and nutrients supply to your facial muscles.
  • Do facial exercises make you look older? Yes, loose skin due to excessive Muscle Activity leads to prominent laugh lines, crow feet and creased forehead, resulting in a more aged look. If you discontinue facial gym, will it make your skin and face look older? My experience says you don't need such Exercise Routines, so breaking them will help you save time and energy and focus on the acceptable practices of working on your body.
reducing facial fat

What is the healthy way of reducing facial fat?

Overall Weightloss with the right nutrition and exercise is the way to go about it. The body loses fat like a unit and when the proper nourishment and work is given to the body. It drops fat from the body and face at the same time. So here we are telling you eight ways to reduce chubby chicks.

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How to reduce face fat?

  • Do facial yoga: We are all aware of yoga' health benefits! Hence you can do one exercise to make the cheekbones beautiful. Make your face fish-shaped, then shrink the face in the shape of fish, let it remain like this for about 10 minutes and do it five times. It is effortless to exercise, and you can do this with great ease; think that you have taken water in your mouth and leave your face in the same shape for a while. Remember that your lips should be pressed harder; this exercise for 30 seconds. Do it, but repeat it two times a day; this exercise is very beneficial for your lips, chin and cheekbones.
  • Drink plenty of water: Drinking too much water is also a way of thinning the face. Water protects the body from dehydration by balancing electrolytes. By drinking more water, toxic elements, i.e. toxins, are removed. At the same time, drinking water also reduces weight, and the face starts to thin. A person feels fuller by drinking a glass of water before meals. For this reason, drinking water before meals can reduce weight gradually. The use of these fat stores is essential to lose weight.
How to reduce face fat?
  • Reduce salt intake: If you eat excess salt, reduce it immediately! Because overeating salt causes a lack of water in the body, and it can cause obesity and inflammation in many parts of the body along with your face. So always consume a limited amount of salt and never add extra salt except cooking. This is not only related to your facial fat but also the risk of high blood pressure. So try to reduce sodium intake.
  • Facial Exercise: Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research suggests that facial exercises or facial exercises can strengthen and tone facial muscles. However, it is unclear whether these exercises also help reduce facial fat. There are no studies that look at the association between facial activity and facial fat loss. However, facial exercises can help to strengthen the face.
  • Cardio Exercise: The findings of some studies have proved that exercising slow, medium or high-intensity cardio helps burn fat. Sometimes doing high-intensity cardio workouts helps in burning more fat. Although these studies did not directly measure facial fat loss, they suggest that cardio exercise is particularly effective at fat burning.
  • Eat the right foods: Processed foods and diets high in refined carbohydrates increase the risk of excess fat. During processing, these foods lose their fibre and nutrients. As a result, only calories are left in them. Refined carbohydrates cause a rapid increase in blood sugar, encouraging a person to fill his stomach.
right foods
  • Reduce alcohol and liquor consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption can cause dehydration. In some cases, it can cause water loss in the face, making a face look bloated and dry. Alcohol can also contribute to weight gain. This can provoke a person to take more calories from their diet. 
  • Get plenty of sleep: Hormones are imbalanced due to not getting enough sleep, which leads to weight gain. Due to this, fat also comes on the face, so be sure to sleep well.

(With inputs from Diksha Chhabra, Founder, Diksha Chhabra Fitness Consultation)

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