Study: Gum Infection Can Cause High Blood Pressure

If you have a tooth infection or gum disease, you are highly likely to encounter high blood pressure, claims study.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Mar 31, 2021
Study: Gum Infection Can Cause High Blood Pressure

Tooth pain and infections can trouble anyone at any age. There are so many oral problems that are caused by infections but do you know that it can also impact your blood pressure? Yes, researchers have found that infections in the gums can cause an elevation in your blood pressure. This is highly common in periodontal diseases like periodontitis. Read more details in this article.

Can gum infection cause high blood pressure?

Healthy gums signify good oral health. When you neglect oral hygiene, it can cause a lot of trouble. In case you don’t know, a tooth infection can spread to other parts of the body causing different troubles. Headache, body ache, stomach discomfort are some of the common issues that can arise due to tooth infections. Now, research published in the journal ‘Hypertension’ has suggested that gum infections can also cause high blood pressure. Adults with periodontitis conditions are at a greater risk of high blood pressure or hypertension as compared to people with healthy gums. Additionally, they are also susceptible to cardiovascular health issues.

gum infection cause high blood pressure 

Lead researcher Eva MuAoz Aguilera from the University College London says, "Patients with gum disease often present with elevated blood pressure, especially when there is active gingival inflammation, or bleeding of the gums."

"Elevated blood pressure is usually asymptomatic, and many individuals may be unaware that they are at increased risk of cardiovascular complications. We aimed to investigate the association between severe periodontitis and high blood pressure in healthy adults without a confirmed diagnosis of hypertension," she added.

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Gum Disease Linked to High Blood Pressure

Gum Disease Linked to High Blood Pressure

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that causes inflammation, bone loss and tooth loss over time. Adults who have this problem face many issues. The research team collected data of around 500 adults aged 35 years out of which 250 adults had severe periodontitis condition. Along with a comprehensive dental examination, the team also monitored their blood pressure levels.

It was found that adults with the dental condition were twice more likely to have high blood pressure as compared to the second group of people with healthier gums. The reason behind this problem was active gum inflammation. Besides, they were also identified to have high LDL or bad cholesterol levels and low HDL or good cholesterol.

In a nutshell, active gum disease is not only bad for your oral health but can also negatively impact your overall health. Periodontitis condition can give you high BP and other chronic ailments associated with blood pressure. Maintain oral hygiene to boost oral health and keep other problems at bay.

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