What Is Gum Grafting? Know These Methods To Relieve Pain After This Surgery

Gum grafting can be a painful dental procedure. Here are some medications and methods to overcome pain of gum grafting.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 19, 2021Updated at: Jul 19, 2021
What Is Gum Grafting? Know These Methods To Relieve Pain After This Surgery

Oral health is equally important as our physical and internal health. Having oral problems are quite common, some of them are general and are faced my majority of people whereas other may have complications. Teeth cavities, toothache, gum infection, tooth decay etc are some of the common issued faced by people. Gum infections and problems can be of major concern because the dental surgeries of gums take a lot of time, they are painful and hard to eradicate. Gum grafting is a periodontal surgery which is used when the gums are exposed to infection till root of the tooth. Grafting procedure can prevent tooth decay and increase the life of teeth. Let us know about this procedure in detail.

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What is Gum Grafting Procedure?

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that is used to repair damaged gums. Dr. Nitya Gupta, BDS General Dentist at Elite Dental Clinic, Noida explains about its procedure. She says that gum grafting is a severe dental procedure that requires expertise and is done when the gums are damaged or infected to its roots. For this procedure, the tooth is taken out or removed if it has got decayed, and then grafting is done. Gum grafting is also done by three different methods, they are-

Free gingival graft- This means that the gum tissue is taken from the donor directly from their mouth and used for treatment. In this procedure, it is important that donor does not have an oral issue or diabetes that can complicate the situation. Free gingival grafting is used for people who need more oral support.

Pedicle Graft- In this the donor tissue is used from the neighboring tooth of the donor. This is done in case where the other gum tissues are healthy and can be used successfully. 

Connective-tissue grafting- This method of gum grafting is done keeping in check the surface of the mouth. Connective- tissue grafting requires gum tissues from surface of upper side of your mouth. This procedure is the most used procedure to perform gum grafting in people.


Is Gum Grafting Procedure Painful?

All these gum grafting procedure can be quite painful and even after giving general anesthesia during the surgical procedure, the pain remains for quite some time. The pain is mostly evident at the point of grafting and nerves below it. The procedure as such is not that painful because of local anesthesia which is given to patient in his gum before performing the surgery. But after few hours of the process, the gum pain starts. However severity of pain might differ for different people and thus it cannot be determined the level of pain occurred.

You will start experiencing pain 4-5 hours after this surgery. It will start with a tingling sensation in your gums and then intensity of pain will increase over time. However there are some strategies which you can use to manage this gum pain.

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Methods to Manage Gum Grafting Pain

Medications are given by the dentist following the surgery so that you are able to get over pain from gum grafting. Although there are different types of medicines available for relieving this pain, they are-

  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen
  • Acetaminophen

If your pain still remains or does not reduce much, the dentist might also suggest you to a focused pain reliever according to your gum grafting method. 


Other than this there are some precautions that need to be taken in order to reduce the pain after gum grafting procedure. This includes following tips given by Dr. Nitya Gupta-

1.Eating soft food items that does not require too much strength to chew like mashed potatoes, yogurt, jelly, Paneer etc.

2.Carefully follow the instruction given by the dentist about the oral hygiene methods; it generally includes brushing and flossing regularly. 

3.Do not poke the gums or are where the grafting procedure is done because then it might complicate the situation. Avoid using fingers, tongue, toothpicks or any such object inside the mouth. 

4.Avoid eating foods that could create irritation or sensation which might increase pain like-

  • Too spicy food
  • Acidic food items
  • Hard or sharp foods
  • Very hot or extremely cold substances

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This procedure of gum grafting can be very painful, however it is not felt at the movement of surgery because local anesthesia is given to prevent pain. Gum grafting is a procedure that requires fresh tissues to be replaced by the damaged or infected ones. Gum grafting is done mostly at the time of tooth decay or the gum infection gets to the root of the gums which might cause complications. It can be done through 3 methods; all these methods have different levels of pain. However this pain can be managed by following multiple tips given by the dentist to overcome pain. It includes medication, pain relievers and change in diet etc. Follow these tips to reduce pain from gum grafting dental surgery.

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