Wisdom Tooth Extraction Might Improve Tasting Abilities, Finds Study

Study shows that getting your wisdom tooth extracted would not only free you from acute pain but also improve tasting abilities.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 01, 2021Updated at: Jul 01, 2021
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Might Improve Tasting Abilities, Finds Study

To most people, wisdom tooth eruption is the most painful thing ever. From the moment eruption starts to when it is finally out, the pain is excruciating. In some cases, people prefer wisdom tooth extraction if the tooth is creating a lot of pain. Apart from easing oral discomfort, wisdom tooth extraction might also be good for your taste buds. Yes, as per studies, this might enhance your tasting abilities. To know more details, refer to this article.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Enhances Tasting Ability

For the uninitiated, wisdom teeth are third molars that are nearly useless for us as they don’t help in processing food like other teeth. If you have been through the unbearable pain of erupted wisdom tooth, you would know how soothing its extraction can be. But this is not it, there could be some long-term benefits of wisdom tooth extraction that you might not be knowing until now. Penn Medicine recently conducted research that was published in the science journal ‘Chemical Senses’. According to this study, people who got wisdom tooth extraction done experienced improved tasting abilities.

Wisdom Tooth pain

How wisdom tooth extraction help improve the taste?

The researchers from the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania collected data of over 1200 patients who took up a chemosensory evaluation for a span of 20 years. A majority of these people had got wisdom tooth extraction done. In this test, five different solutions are given to the person to taste which include caffeine, sucrose(sugar), citric acid and sodium chloride(salt). They have to tell which tastes like what to understand their tasting abilities.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Enhances Tasting Ability

It was found that those who got third molar extractions done in the past have better tasting abilities than others. The researcher quotes, “The study strongly suggests that extraction of the third molar has a positive long-term, albeit subtle, effect on the function of the lingual taste pathways of some people.

Here are two major reasons why wisdom teeth affect taste:

  • Extraction of wisdom tooth might damage the nerves that block the taste bud supply to the frontal part of the mouth. This increases tasting and whole-mouth sensitivity.
  • Extraction might boost neural responses that can improve hypersensitivity.

Richard L. Doty who lead this study said, “Prior studies have only pointed to adverse effects on taste after extraction and it has been generally believed that those effects dissipate over time. This new study shows us that taste function can actually slightly improve between the time patients have surgery and up to 20 years later. It’s a surprising but fascinating finding that deserves further investigation to better understand why it’s enhanced and what it may mean clinically.”

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