Guide to Buying her Flowers

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Jul 17, 2013

Are you not sure of what flowers to buy for your lady, and in a fit of love have plucked bougainvilleas bending over the sidewalks? A man should know what type of flowers to buy, here is a guide.

correct flowers bought for herNow you cannot just pick random flowers for your lady, this is because every occasion and time demands specific flowers. You do not really have to be a florist to know what flowers you must hand over to your lady love, we are here to help you get there.

Let us first take a look at the occasions or the appropriate time and the flowers that suit them.

A New Story

When you are starting a new love story it is most difficult to express your feelings, after all there are so many emotions turning and twisting inside you. This is the time for a passionate arrangement of hot pinks, reds and golds, make it lively and colourful! You could add a card to this in order to express you sentiments.

Into Romance

During an ongoing romance there is nothing better that could delight your lady other than flowers, love and flowers are deeply connected with each other. With the growth of your relationship flowers become the symbol for different stages pertaining to it. Here you should repeat the varieties from your wedding, the ones you sent her during your first dates or the one she likes to keep at home. It will have a great meaning and impact.

The Friend

Flowers are a good way to show someone that you are thinking of her, and so you could show your love and sense of gratitude through it. You could select a garden style flowers or a bright bold colour palette that is fun, keep it thrilling. For your dear girl friend this could be a sure winner.


Now there is a style to giving flowers, not every man can master this, most get the timing wrong or make it boring. Here is a guide on the style.

Be Spontaneous

There is something about coming out of nowhere and giving her flowers, so do not make it obvious. The best way to follow this rule is by giving her flowers at an unexpected time. Forget the occasions, the dinner dates, the anniversaries, just pick up a beautiful bunch of red roses and show up!

Any Size

You do not really have to give her a huge bouquet that will cover her length and breadth, just a single stem would do! This is the beauty of giving flowers, they are so romantic and full of love that even a single stem would be a sign that you care.

Just Pluck

Have you ever seen beautiful bougainvilleas decorating the sidewalks when you walk with her? This is the mother of being spontaneous; pluck a bunch and give her. She would be surprised and would be touched by your move. No time, no specific place, flowers can be given anywhere!

Flowers are a delightful sight, what if you bring this delight onto the hands of the beautiful lady who means so much to you? Do it now, and do it right.

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