Get rid of knee pain by following these simple knee strengthening exercises

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Nov 07, 2017
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  • Joints need to be worked or else they can hurt.
  • Exercising areas around the knee is also equally important.
  • Working out in a gym with weights can be helpful.

Often we get ridden with pain, for example, for some unknown reason our knee might begin to hurt, and we feel discomfort. What should we ideally do to keep out knees away from hurting? There are many things actually, but one of the most important is knee strengthening exercises to relieve pain. 


Knee strengthening exercises can be of great help because they are sure ways of keeping your knees stronger, and which in turn would keep your knees healthy. Exercises to strengthen knees should also be accompanied by other lifestyle changes, which include proper diet and enough consumption of water. What you have to keep in mind is that your joints thrive on movement, and the more you keep yourself static, the worse it gets for the joints. Therefore, an active lifestyle, along with the best knee strengthening exercises should do the trick well. Here we have picked out the best knee strengthening exercises for those suffering from a knee joint problem.


A very basic and popular exercise for those looking to strengthen their knees, lunges is your essential leg exercise. Needless to say that it is one of the foremost knee strengthening exercises to relieve pain. You need to stand tall with feet together. Step right foot forward, bend knees and lower down and far as you can, keeping right knee stacked over right ankle, left hip stacked over left knee. Push back up to standing and repeat on the opposite side. Do 10 repetitions and three sets. 

Half-kneel hip and quad stretch

One of the best knee strengthening exercises, you are sure to feel amazing, while it works on your hip and quad muscles as well. For this you need to kneel on one knee while with your other foot planted flat on the ground in front of you. This will create a 90-degree angle with both of your legs. Then you have to lean forward toward your front leg, stretching the front of your hip downward. Now you have to grab the ankle of your leg which is on the ground, and pull it backwards for your hamstring to work, and hip stretch, all the way to your knee. You should be able to move in and out of this stretch for 10 to 15 repetitions, completing three sets. 

Calf smashes with lacrosse ball

It is important to activate supporting muscles around the knees so that you can get all your leg muscles to strengthen, and hence it is an integral part of your knee strengthening exercises. For this exercise, you are required to sit on the ground and then pull your right foot close to your hip so that your knee is bent. Then you have to wedge a lacrosse ball below your right knee so that it is sitting between your calf and hamstring. Create a “compression force” by pulling your shin toward you, and then rotate your foot in alternating circular movements to help create space in your knee joint. You will feel tightness in these areas being relieved, after which you can switch legs. 

Partial Squats

A rather simple exercise to strengthen knees, the partial squats can help you get relieved from it, because apart from being simple, it is also very effective. For this exercise, you need to place a chair at first, and then stand about 12 inches away from the front of it with your feet about hip-width apart and your toes forward. Bending at the hips, slowly lower yourself halfway down to the chair. All the while you must keep your abs tight, and check that your knees remain behind your toes. This is a good exercise and is really just a little different from the actual squat.


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