Add These 5 Foods To Your Diet To Increase The Levels of HDL or Good Cholesterol

Increase the level of good cholesterol or HDL in your body with these foods. HDL helps in keeping your heart healthy and sound.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 06, 2020 05:35 IST
Add These 5 Foods To Your Diet To Increase The Levels of HDL or Good Cholesterol

Increased cholesterol levels are often associated with health issues. We all believe that cholesterol is bad for health which is just half the truth. Majority of the people don’t know that there are two types of cholesterol- good(HDL) and bad(LDL). High levels of HDL are good for health. While an increase in LDL is associated with hert health risks, increase in HDL protects heart against oxidative stress and other damaging factors. Eating foods with high HDL helps in boosting heart health. Here are 5 foods that can naturally increase HDL in the body.

Olive oil

Olive oil is considered the most healthy oil for use in cooking and dishes. Olive oil contains many such fats, which are very beneficial for the heart. Apart from this, this oil is considered to be a mine of antioxidants. The intake of olive oil reduces inflammation and decreases the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Therefore, you should make this oil a part of your diet. For cooking at home, you should take extra virgin olive oil instead of any other refined oil, so that HDL cholesterol increases. But note that you should not use olive oil in very high temperatures (frying, roasting) etc.

Beans and Legumes

You should also include beans and legumes in your daily diet. Rajma, pigeonpea pulses, moong dal, gram dal, peas, kabuli chana, black gram, urad dal, lentil lentils etc. are all very beneficial for your heart. All these beans and legumes have good amounts of fiber and nutrients. Apart from this, all these are very good sources of protein, so you must include them in the catering of your deli. You can eat pulses daily.

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Purple food

All the natural fruits and vegetables of purple color are considered very good for the heart, because they contain special antioxidants, called anthocyanins. This antioxidant prevents inflammation and also prevents cell damage caused by free radicals. Therefore, you should include purple things in your diet like brinjal, berries, red cabbage, blue berries, black berries, black raspberries, falsa, mulberry, black grapes etc.

Chia seeds

Consuming chia seeds can also be very beneficial for you. Actually chia seeds contain a lot of nutrients, but the most important of these are omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, which increase the amount of LDL cholesterol in your body. Apart from this, due to the minerals and other nutrients present in chia seeds, chia seeds are also known to be very beneficial in controlling blood pressure and diabetes.

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Fatty fish

Many types of seafood such as fish, shrimp, etc. also have good omega-3 fatty acids. The intake of these special fish reduces inflammation and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Salmon, sardines, mackerel, anchovies, etc. are some of the fatty fish that are very good for your heart. So if you are a non-vegetarian, then consume these fish instead of chicken and mutton.

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