Here Are 5 Foods That Can Cause Mucus Build-Up

Do you about mucus and its benefits? It is just like a shield that keeps every human safe from germs and toxins which may enter the human body.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Sep 08, 2017Updated at: Feb 10, 2021
Here Are 5 Foods That Can Cause Mucus Build-Up

How to tell if the mucus is coming from your lungs or throat? What causes it and its benefits to the body? Mucus is a slippery substance, which is generated by the mucous membranes in the human body. Its process initiates from the respiratory system where it catches several tiny particles such as bacteria and dust, which may enter from the nose (while breathing). Mucus helps by preventing such particles from entering the human body. Digestive system: A layer of mucus with the stomach's inner walls helps the particular organ's cell linings from the highly acidic atmosphere within it. Mucous also never lets the tissues dry out. However, the problem arises when mucus increases (turns into a cough) and creates obstructions in:

  • formation of saliva
  • breathing
  • speaking
  • digestion

Mucus production often starts to buildup in the respiratory tract, which can arise due to many common ailments, such as the common flu, influenza, cold, etc. There are different types of foods that are famous to increase mucous production on the wall of the small intestine. Here we learn about some foods which can rise in the mucus build-up. We can eat such foods in moderation and avoid respiratory issues.

  • Soy: Consuming too much soy can cause more chest mucus than any other plant food. Soy increases the possibility of building up to unhealthy mucus in the body. It is better to use foods such as tofu, soybeans, and tempeh sparingly when one is sick. The soybean is a variety of legume extensively grown for its numerous uses and edible bean. Conventional food values of soybeans include soy milk, from which tofu skin are made. Fermented soy foods include fermented bean paste, soy sauce, tempeh and nattō.
  • Milk and Milk Products: Milk and milk products like yoghurt, cheese, cream, cottage cheese and butter, cause excess mucus in the throat. They contain protein molecules called casein that increase secretions of mucus. Casein is challenging to digest and putrefies quickly, causing sinus infections. Dairy products also have a sugar called lactose that also causes mucus.
  • Sugar, Salt, and Beverages: Beverages like coffee (caffeine), black tea, alcohol and soft drinks are known to accelerate mucus buildup. Black tea contains the most caffeine, and it creates excess mucous. Processed foods containing salt and sugar produce mucus in the body. Eating glazed fruits also encourages mucus buildup.
  • Nuts and Grains: All foods made from processed wheat flour create an unhealthy mucus build up in the body. Loaves of bread, portions of pasta and processed cereals, nuts, seeds, and legumes cause mucus. Cooked grains are also known to cause mucus.
  • Oils and Meats: It is a good idea to avoid meat, fish, eggs, and chicken when you have flu because they create nearly as much mucus as dairy products. Deep-fried foods also cause mucus to build up.

Takeaway Health Tips

Health Tips

  • Milk and its by-products cause excess mucus in the throat.
  • Processed wheat flour creates an unhealthy mucus build up in the body.
  • Avoid meat, fish, eggs, and chicken when you have flu.

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