Food Combinations That You Should Avoid To Prevent Digestive Issues

When consumed together, certain foods produce toxins that harm our health, while eating them apart makes them healthier. 

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Mar 09, 2023 17:31 IST
Food Combinations That You Should Avoid To Prevent Digestive Issues

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Have you ever noticed how your digestive system responds to the not-so-healthy food pairing? Many people combine two or more foods to enhance the food's flavour or satiate their hunger. However, inappropriate food pairings can cause your body to produce toxins in addition to indigestion. When foods with various energies are combined, the digestive system may become overloaded, resulting in bloating, gas, fermentation, and the formation of toxins. 

When consumed together, certain foods produce toxins that harm our health, while eating them apart makes them healthier. Here are seven food combinations that you should avoid to prevent health issues. 

Food Combinations To Avoid

Eating Fruits With Your Meal

You should avoid eating fruits with your meal, especially if you have weak digestion. Your stomach can absorb fruits quickly, but your meal can take longer. The fruits in your stomach start fermenting even before the meal is digested. In addition, the fibre present in fruits can slow food release from your stomach.

Eating Yogurt With Acidic Fruit

It may seem like a tempting option to eat fruits and yoghurt together but you should avoid this. Yoghurt loses digestive fibres and creates toxins when it comes into contact with acidic fruit. It can even cause allergies in some people. The best practice is to eat fruits alone to maintain nutrient levels.

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Banana & Milk

It may seem quite surprising, but bananas and milk do not go well together. It takes a longer time to digest this food combination. In addition, it can cause indigestion and make you feel lethargic. Although both foods have cooling energy, their effects after digestion are different since milk is sweet and bananas are sour. Our digestive system becomes confused by this, which leads to disturbances. If you love banana shakes, add a pinch of cinnamon to prevent digestive issues. 

Pairing Beans & Eggs

If you have been eating beans and eggs together, you should stop it now. This can lead to indigestion and burden your kidneys, liver, and digestive system of your body. Instead, try eating beans with vegetables, grains, or other nuts.

Egg & Milk

Paring milk with eggs is a strict no. If not addressed, it can result in protein overload and overworked hearts, livers, and kidneys. It even causes food poisoning and biotin deficiency. The simultaneous consumption of two different forms of protein may interfere with digestion and cause bloating, discomfort, stomach aches, and even diarrhoea.

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Cold Drink & Cheese

Who doesn't love eating pizza along with a cold drink? But did you know it is not a healthy combination? High fructose content in carbonated beverages can make it difficult to absorb and cause stomach pain. Due to the high sugar content, it also promotes obesity. Cheese is also high in fat and contributes to obesity. Therefore make an effort to cut both of these out of your diet.

Water & Meals

You should avoid drinking water between your meals or right after eating it. It can interfere with your digestive process and impact your absorption levels. It is vital to stay hydrated, but make sure you avoid mixing it with meals.