Types Of Food Additives: Know How Does It Impact Your Health?

Food additives can be harmful for your health if taken in more than advised quantity, here are some common food additives and effect it on health.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 10, 2022Updated at: May 10, 2022
Types Of Food Additives: Know How Does It Impact Your Health?

Nutrients are essential for our body but not on the cost of our health. You must have heard about the preservatives and additives that are added into the foods to make them more sweet or delicious. These are basically chemical compounds or hormones that enhance the texture of food but also adds a lot of harmful ingredients that could actually affect your body in the long term. This also includes diseases such as cancer, heart rate rhythms, obesity, and osteoporosis, etc. Additives are added to prolong the shelf life of the product as well. Hence, we can say that there are multiple factors that influence additive growth. Let us see what all food additives are there and some tips to avoid them. 

What are Food Additives? 

They are basically substances that are added to the food in order to make them remain fresh for longer period of time. There are different types of food additives used for different purposes and foods, such as to improve texture, taste, appearance and flavor of the food. Food additives should be generally be used in limited quantity by the manufacturers so that it does not harm the human health. But many food organization and production houses put it in more than authorized amount in order to gain more profits and to improve the shelf life of the product. These synthetic chemicals could put you at health risks if not taken precautions against it.  


Types of Food Additives 

1. Monosodium Glutamate 

Monosodium glutamate is actually a common food additive that is used in adding flavor to the dishes. This is a food enhancer that makes savory dishes taste great. You might find it in a variety of dishes such as salty snacks, canned juices or soups or often in restaurants and fast-food joints. This food additive has been constantly pointed out as dangerous for human health if consumed in larger quantities. Monosodium glutamate can have a harmful impact on the neurological functioning and impair your growth and development. However, usual quantities won’t affect much on the brain as it is unable to cross blood brain barrier. Therefore, you just need to limit quantity of any such items, especially frozen items. 

2. Artificial food colors 

First thing we do is judge the food by how it looks, and well artificial food colors do the job for you. This brightens up the appearance on the food and its contents. Because of this food looks really attractive but also puts you at certain health risks. Some kinds of food dyes, such as Blue1, Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are said to have allergic reactions in some people.  

Some studies have also suggested that it could promote hyperactivity in children but could even lead to sensitivity. This could also have potential cancer-causing effects on some foods. Other it could increase risk of thyroid tumors.  

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3. Sodium Nitrite 

Most commonly found it processed meats, sodium nitrite acts like a preservative that could prevent the growth of bacteria. This is of reddish pink color and adds a salty flavor to the food. If this preservative is exposed to high heat or temperature, then it has negative effect on the nitrosamine. It could even have some negative effects on your health. Sodium nitrite in lean meats could actually increase the risk of stomach cancer.  

4. Artificial Sweeteners 

Added sweeteners are used in many dietary food and beverages that actually enhance the sweetness without adding calories. All of these products actually include sucralose, saccharin, and acesulfame potassium which help in weight reduction. It could even manage the blood sugar levels in the sweeteners and thus you need to lower the calorie intake. People taking in Artificial sweeteners gained less body fat but it could also trigger headaches and some other side-effects.  


5. Guar Gum 

If you have ever had ice-cream or tried different sauces, you must have had this additive in your diet. Guar gum is made from long-chain carbohydrates which is used to thicken and bind foods. This additive has high fiber content which has multiple health benefits. It is one additive that has reduces symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It could even target bloating as well as constipation and can improve your symptoms. However, increase in guar gum intake could have adverse effect on your health.

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6. High-Fructose Corn Syrup 

This is a sweetener which is made from the corn. This sweetener is often used in sodas, juice and breakfast cereals, etc. This is simple type of sugar which is called as fructose which could actually impact your health if taken in high amounts. This could actually increase the risk of weight gain and diabetes, etc. Therefore, to prevent adversities, you must lower down the fructose corn content by having fresh juices, minimum soda, and lower down your regular snack intake. 

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