Anxiety Relief In 5 Seconds: Try These Crazy But Life-Saving Tricks To Relieve Anxiety

If at any time you suffer anxiety, try these easy and effective 5-second hacks. This is the best first aid for anxiety.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jan 15, 2020Updated at: Jan 16, 2020
Anxiety Relief In 5 Seconds: Try These Crazy But Life-Saving Tricks To Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety can kick in any time anywhere. It is up to you how you deal with it. Anxiety or nervousness is not always bad. Sometimes we get nervous or anxious before an important event which is a natural human behaviour. However, it may turn worse if not controlled and can hamper one’s health badly. People who have anxiety disorders can very well relate to this feeling where they lose control of their mind due to anxiety attacks. Instead of popping a pill, we are telling you some life-changing hacks to treat anxiety in seconds.

The importance of 5-second anxiety relief

Anxiety can get really scary sometimes. Imagine you’re alone in your apartment and suddenly you get an anxiety attack. If you let it be assuming this to be momentary, it might transform into a full-blown panic attack within seconds! You don’t have anybody for your rescue which means there is no help either! Anything bad can happen at such a time.

This hypothetical situation may come true if you neglect anxiety and don’t do anything about it at the very moment. Therefore, everybody should learn all the possible means to tackle anxiety. Delay may turn fatal for your health. Thus, these 5-second hacks are a boon. These are literally life-saving tricks to rescue you in odd situations.

3 Tricks to Combat Anxiety

counting in anxiety

1. Reverse counting

Put your mind to work by doing reverse counting. This would keep the brain engaged and prevent getting affected by anxiety. Perform this immediately as you sense anxiety crawling up. You’ll be able to stop the flood of anxious thoughts with this exercise.

Do this until you feel relaxed.

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2. Follow the rule of five

The best way to divert your thoughts is by giving them something else to focus on. Whenever you get an anxiety attack, do this exercise:

Look around yourself and start taking names of things that you see. Do this in a set of five. Name five things together, take a break of another 5 seconds to catch your breath and then name 5 sounds that you hear.

The more loudly you name them, the better you feel.

Putting your brain to work is the ultimate quick remedy for anxiety. This is a re-centring exercise to regain your consciousness.

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3. Loud, louder, loudest

Be as loud as you can while performing the above two exercises. This would work as the ultimate mind distraction exercise to ward off anxious thoughts and regain senses.

Next in the line, you are required to do is say some positive affirmation in loud voice. For example, say ‘I am fine’, ‘I am brave and I can fight anxiety’, ‘Things are going to be alright’, etc.

The sole aim of this exercise is a mental distraction which is most important at the time of anxiety. With a loud voice, your mind would hear only your voice and nothing else which ease anxiety.

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