5 Lung cancer symptoms you should be aware of even if you don’t smoke

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Mar 10, 2017

Amongst all, chest pain is the most obvious sign of lung cancer, but there are several other signals you should be aware of, even if you’ve never taken a single puff. According to WHO, lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women. It is one of the leading causes of cancer death ; about 1 out of 4 cancer deaths are from lung cancer. Each year, more people lose their lives to lung cancer than to colon, breast and prostate cancers combined. What’s more worrisome is that upto 20 percent of people die due to lung cancer although they have never smoked at all.


coughing with blood

Now the important question that comes to mind is why a non-smoker would get lung cancer? Isn’t it supposed to occur only to people who smoke? Well, according to experts exposure to radon, an odourless gas found in homes, can be blamed for this. Other possible causes include air pollution, exposure to second hand smoke and environmental hazards like asbestos.

Regardless of whether you smoke a lot or have never lit up a cigarette your entire life, you must be aware of certain symptoms.

A lingering cough

Most people with lung cancer have a cough, occasionally with blood. If you notice your mucus is thick and rusty in colour, this could be an early sign. Also, if you have a dry cough that has lingered for over a month, its really important to get yourself checked before its too late.


Chronic infections

As you may know most of the time the main culprit behind those lung infection such as chronic bronchitis you get are viruses. But if you’re falling sick way to often and every illness seems to go straight to your chest, it could also be a sign of lung cancer.


Weight loss

Are you losing weight, although you’ve not changed anything your diet or workout? As per experts, a more advanced tumour may make proteins that signal your body to lose weight. It may also cause a drop in your appetite.


Bone pain

If lung cancer begins to spread to other body parts, you may feel excruciating pain deep down in your bones or joints. Aching bones or joints could also indicate that you have lung cancer.


Muscle weakness

Lung cancer not only affects your organs but also your muscles. Your hips are one of the first areas to get affected. You may experience weakness in the shoulders, arms and legs.


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