Follow These 5 Simple Exercises To Get A Perfect Jawline

Here are 5 simple yet effective exercises that can help you to get a defined jawline if practised regularly. 

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Oct 04, 2021 10:30 IST
Follow These 5 Simple Exercises To Get A Perfect Jawline

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Here is a quick question for you all. What would you prefer, a defined jawline or a double chin? If your answer to this simple question was a defined jawline then congratulations this article is meant for you. As we age our facial shape changes and fat starts getting deposited around the neck and our jaw muscles tend to shrink. Along with this comes the saggy skin which makes your jawline look less defined. 

Where all this is part of the process of aging and is totally natural, it does not mean that you can not have a nice jawline as you grow. Although the process of aging can not be reversed, there are some facial exercises and techniques that can help you to define that jawline. These exercises would not just give you a defined jawline but also enhance other facial features by working the areas like your cheekbones, chin and other facial muscles. So without wasting any more time, let us dive right into this article and learn 5 facial exercises that will help you to get a defined jawline.

Exercises to get a defined jawline

Where all of us aspire to get a defined jawline with enhancing other facial features, these simple yet effective exercises can come to the rescue. Include these five exercises in your daily routine to get the jawline of your dreams. 

#1. The Vowel Sounds

How many of you grammar nazis remember what vowels and consonants used to be? Well even if you don’t then you can ask a first grader to help you out with this exercise. Reciting vowels can help you to tone up your facial muscles. You can feel your muscles working if you place your hands on your cheeks while doing so. Vowel sounds is an exercise that targets the movement of the muscles around your mouth and at the sides of your lips.


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Here’s how you can perform this facial exercise to enhance that jawline-

  • Sit down with your spine straight.
  • Open up your mouth wide in order to say ‘O’.
  • Now follow this by an ‘E’ sound .
  • Ensure that you are making exaggerated sounds and the movements are pretty evident.
  • Do not show or touch your teeth while performing this exercise.
  • Repeat this process for about 15 times then take a little break.
  • Do this exercise for 3 reps.

#2. Collarbone Back up

Have you ever seen a woodpecker pecking the wood either on television or in real life? For this exercise we are going to imitate that little bird. Collar bone back up is an exercise which can be performed while being seated or standing straight. It takes a little bit of neck movement which works the muscles present around your collarbones and the jaw. In addition to that, it engages the muscles that are present under your chin and support the jaw. Follow the given steps to perform this exercise effectively.

collar bone

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Sit straight by keeping your head leveled with the ground.

  • Slowly bring your head a few inches back so that you feel a contraction in either side of your throat muscles.
  • Now take your neck a few inches forward from the neutral position and repeat this forward and backward oscillation. 
  • Dp it for about 10 times and make sure that your head is leveled with the ground and you are not making any sudden movements or you might injure your neck.
  • Repeat this exercise for 3 reps.

#3. Chin up

With your chin being the central point of your jawline and the chin muscles being the ones that support your jaw, it is important to pay a little attention to this part of your face in order to get a defined jawline. Performing this simple chin up exercise will help you to lift the facial muscles present in the lower half of your face including the jaw muscles and enhance the facial structure. To get the maximum benefits out of this simple exercise, follow the given steps.

  • Sit straight with your spine erect.
  • Close your mouth and push your lower jaw outwards while lifting up your lower lip. 
  • While pushing out your jaw, you must feel a nice stretch in your jawline and the area under the chin.
  • Hold this position for about 1 seconds anthem release and relax.
  • Do this for about 15 times and do not injure your neck by making sudden movements.
  • Perform this exercise for 3 reps.

#4. Neck Curl Up

Similar to those abdominal crunches or curls, neck curl up is an exercise that helps to work those rarely used neck muscles. By activating these muscles it helps to produce a nice stretch in that region and define that jawline. This simple exercise is done by lying down on the back with the tongue pressed on the roof. Work out those front muscles by performing this simple exercise by following some quick and easy steps.

curl up

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  • Lie down on your back and bring your chin to your chest and lift off your head 2 inches off the ground.
  • Make sure that your head and not the stomach as we are working those neck muscles not the abdomen.
  • Repeat this for about 10 times and then relax.
  • Do 3 reps of this exercise and take little breaks between every rep.

#5. Tongue Twister

Remember challenging your friends and siblings to say those tongue twisters quickly and correctly. Well in those childhood memories we have given a little twist to those tongue twisters and got an exercise for you to practice. Tongue twister is an exercise that targets the muscles present underneath the chin to tone that jawline. Follow these simple instructions to do the tongue twister exercise to tone and define that jawline.

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  • Sit up with your back and neck straight and your head leveled to the ground.
  • Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth.
  • Press the tongue completely so it sticks to the roof of your mouth and exerts some tension in those muscles.
  • Start making a humming sound so that the vibrations are felt.
  • Make sure that you can feel the pressure so that your muscles can get activated.
  • Do this for about 15-20 seconds and then relax.
  • Perform 3 sets of this exercise and takee short breaks between every rep.

Getting a nice and defined jawline of your dreams is not a difficult task anymore. Sit back and perform these exercises by taking out 10 to 15 minutes of time from your schedule. These exercises need to be done on a regular basis to get some visible results. While performing these exercises make sure that you do not do any sudden movements that can injure your neck muscles.