Exercises that Help in Strengthening Relationships

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Mar 27, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Bring out the flirt in you.
  • Start conversation on a positive note.
  • Give your partner’s pride a boost.
  • Hug the person you love for 7 seconds.

Nobody has ever wished for regular relationship. Every couple wants their relation to be special from the usual but nobody wants to make that extra effort. But what you must remember is that every amazing relation takes effort. So here we give few exercises which will ensure a strengthened bond between you and your partner.

Relationship Exercise

Try Flirting

When you are single, flirting helps you bond with the subject of flirtation and strengthens your connection with each other. However, when you are in a relationship nobody feels the need to flirt. To get things working fine again, get into your flirting habit. If you have lost track of how it is done, recall the days when the two of you were in your honeymoon phase. How you laughed at each other’s joke, how you behaved in a carefree manner and how you gave complements to each other.

Stay Positive

When you start a conversation negatively, there are very less chances that you can turn it around. Negativity in a conversation can trigger counter-attack or withdrawal. However, people who have a well developed mindfulness can turn a negative conversation into a positive one. Try auditing your speech by paying attention to the words you pick to start a conversation.

Relationship Exercise

Pride Boosting

There are several studies which show that people who were told that they were excellent at a task, took more control the next time, irrespective of how they felt or how their mood was. Therefore, it is necessary for you to keep boosting your partner’s pride every now-and-then. Just because you have been together for some time, does not mean that you would take your partner’s efforts for granted. When you get close to someone, you tend to become complacent with them and all the positive things that they do regularly are overlooked easily. So pay attention to those things.

Seven Second Hug

The hormone called oxytocin is referred as the `cuddle hormone’ because it has an influence in the bonding process. Besides, it can also reduce the effect of negative emotions, fear and stress. When you hold on to your partner for seven seconds, you let the oxytocin flood your body and both of you feel relaxed and connected. So just hug the person you love and let your relationship thrive.

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