5 Potential Side-Effects Of Using Electric Heating Pads And Blankets In Winter

Do you use electric heating pads and blankets in winter? Then you must know that how its excess usage can be dangerous for your health!

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Nov 09, 2020 18:48 IST
5 Potential Side-Effects Of Using Electric Heating Pads And Blankets In Winter

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Winter is around the corner! People adopt different methods which help them keep warm in the winter season. People use blowers to keep the house and rooms warm. Meanwhile, others use a hot water bottle, electric blankets and heating pads for young children to protect them from the freezing weather. What is an electric heating pad? An electric heating pad is one of the most used things in today's time, and it is sold in the entire market during the winter. It is used in some parts of the body to provide pain relief, such as shoulders, legs, neck and back. Electric heating pads require electricity to work; hence it is kept on the switchboard for some time. After which it heats up very quickly, and you use it to get relief from your pain. How is the electric heating pad used? Electric heating pads are very easy to use. You can simply apply it on the affected part to reduce the pain. Not only this, it keeps the body warm for a long time. But, do you know what the harmful effects of electric blankets and electric heating pads on your health? Here are some of its disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of using the heating pad? Most people use electric heating pads to protect themselves from the wrath of cold. Do you know that electric heating pad burn due to overheating?

  • Dangerous for the pregnant woman: Pregnant women should avoid using electric heating pads or electric blankets. We know that during pregnancy, a woman has to go through problems like pain and cramps; hence, she uses it to reduce the same pain. According to a 1998 study, pregnant women use electric heating pads or electric blankets, directly affect their child, which increases the risk of miscarriage in women. 
  • Addiction to the heating pad: We believe that it gives you relief from pain very quickly, that too when you have unbearable pain in your neck, shoulders, legs or hands. Older people use it more and often daily, due to which they get used to it. And hence, they do not sleep quickly or stay restlessness overnight (if they do not use their heating pad).
  • Heating pad damages inner muscles: Electric heating pads can damage the muscles inside your body. When you put this heating pad on your skin, it can cause your inner muscles to get ruptured (which is also known as Muscles Rupture). This happens when your muscles start to weaken.
  • Heating pad and blood pressure: People with high blood pressure or hypertension should reduce their use. Because when you place it in any part of your body for a long time, it increases the flow of blood in the veins, which can be dangerous for a blood pressure patient.
  • Fire hazard: Some people use heating pads when they are placed on the switchboard to warm up (which increase the risk of fire). Therefore, use it only when it becomes hot and do not use it while engaged in electricity (otherwise, it is prone to fire).

A quick tip: One should be aware while using a heating pad! As excessive usage of a heating pad can be harmful to you.

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