Easy alternatives of bra you must try this summer

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May 02, 2016
Quick Bites

  • You cannot and you should not wear a bra all the time.
  • Bras are not very comfortable.
  • There are other things that you can wear instead of your regular bras.
  • Go bra free, go tension free.

Wearing a bra all the time is not very easy and wearing a bra in summers is another difficult task to accomplish but do we have a choice? Yes, we do. This summer try these alternatives to restraining bras and be at ease.




Hollywood Sew-in cups

The dresses that Kajol Devgan in Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge (The green one) flaunted and Madhuri Dixit Nene (The purple one) looked mesmerizing and sew-in cup was the secret. Sew-in cup bras are an amazing fusion of comfort and perfect fir.


The Bandeaus

If you are a beach person, these bandeaus are for you and not only beaches but you can wear them underneath your tube tops. You can try the padded ones, if you don’t feel comfortable. This summer you can surely rock your tube tops or strapless dresses and tops with bandeaus in a very comfortable way.


Camisoles with pads or underwire

Well, bras in summers are surely a big pain but the pain can be eased with great style. You can try camisoles with underwire or pads. And you don’t have to wear anything over them; you can just be in your camisoles or have a light stole.


The sporty divas with sports bras

Sport bras are the best with no straps and hooks to hassle you. Just slip into one light fabric sport bra and you can make it through the day with no worries.



Pasties are basically patches that can cover your nipples and areolae. You need some sort of adhesive to keep them in place. So, this is the latest and a bit tricky one. You must have seen Miley Cyrus donning pasties on rock concerts. Now, these pasties you can wear underneath your tees, shirts and you won’t have to bear the unease of a regular bra.

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