Not Just Washing Hands But Drying Them Is Equally Important- Are You Doing It Correctly?

Washing your hands with soap is not sufficient to eliminate germs and bacteria, you must also dry your hands to prevent infections.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Mar 23, 2020Updated at: Mar 23, 2020
Not Just Washing Hands But Drying Them Is Equally Important- Are You Doing It Correctly?

The coronavirus scare has taught us the importance of correct handwashing and healthy hygiene habits. The only way to defeat this pandemic is by keeping ourselves clean. Amidst all the buzz about handwashing, how to wash your hands, hand sanitization, etc. have we thought about how to dry our hands? Cleaning is very important but drying out wet hands is also a mandatory step to completely dismiss bacteria and viruses from our hands. Our prime focus, to fight novel coronavirus, is on handwashing which is necessary but an equal amount of emphasis should also be given to drying.

Why Is Hand Drying Important?

Do you know that bacteria reside in wet hands? You might wash off the existing germs, bacteria and virus with handwash but chances are they may still be there on your wet hands! Moisture is a breeding ground which may allow bacteria to flourish. Drying out wet hands reduces the chances of any bacteria left.

When in a hurry, most of us skip proper hand drying. Washing is not enough, drying your hands is equally important especially during the coronavirus pandemic period. We touch a lot of things here and there which increases the chances of picking up germs. Experts say that bacteria can get easily transferred from wet hands which is why drying hands after washing is so important.

What is the ideal way to dry hands?

There are two main techniques of hand drying- towel(hand towel and paper towel) and hand dryer. Just as the handwashing technique is important, the hand-drying technique holds importance too. It is necessary to completely dry out your wet hands to inhibit bacterial transfer. Keep reading to find the correct way of hand-drying.

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Do hand dryers promote germs?

A lot of health experts have a similar opinion on the effectiveness of hand dryers. They believe that the use of dryers should be stopped as these promote germ and bacterial transmission! There are certain studies showing that high-speed air dryers that are installed in most public places might dry out quickly but they do not remove germs. Instead, they spread them. Hence, one should opt for towels.

Hand towel Vs. paper towel

Now that dryer is out of the race, we need to find out what is better- a hand towel or a paper towel. Well, single-use paper towels are preferred over regular hand towels. These are one-time use which minimizes the bacterial transfer. Also, you’d save a lot of time with these rather than waiting for the dryer to do its job. Dryers only evaporate moisture from hands and not get rid of the germs and bacteria hanging around.

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As per a study conducted by Westminster University, high-speed dryers potentially spread a virus in the same room to 3 metres. However, the claims are not verified but most experts believe that dryers do process bacteria transfer and therefore, using a clean towel is the best idea. Use paper towels to wipe out the moisture and throw it in the bin to prevent transmission.

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