Two Glasses Of Orange Juice Daily Is The Best Fat Cutter Drink, Claims Research

Do you want to fight obesity? Drink two and a half glasses of orange juice daily to get leaner. Read the research report in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 06, 2020 08:09 IST
Two Glasses Of Orange Juice Daily Is The Best Fat Cutter Drink, Claims Research

One solution for three problems(obesity, heart health and longevity) is orange juice. If you daily drink two and a half glasses of fresh orange juice, you are not going to get fat or suffer from a heart ailment. This is not a fad but a proven research theory. Researchers have found that drinking orange juice can aid obesity and reduce the negative effects. Know all the details in this article. 

As per the report published in the Journal of Lipid Research, there is a molecule named 'nobiletin' found in oranges and tangerines which is known to potentially reduce obesity and also inhibit its probable side-effects. Lead researcher Murray Huff, Western University, Canada said: “We went on to show that we can also intervene with nobiletin. We’ve shown that in mice that already have all the negative symptoms of obesity, we can use nobelitin to reverse those symptoms, and even start to regress plaque build-up in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis.” 

This research was conducted on two groups of mice where they were fed high-cholesterol and high-fat diet which is sure to trigger obesity. But one group was given nobiletin alongside. The results showed that mice that consumed nobiletin were leaner as compared to the other group. Also, their body showed reduced levels of blood fats and controlled insulin resistance. However, more research needs to be done to find how nobiletin works.

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It is believed that this molecule hindered the pathway that is responsible for fat regulation in the body. This fat regulator is called AMP Kinase. Its function is to trigger the fat-burning mechanism along with the fat formation process. The effects of nobiletin were found to be similar to AMP Kinase. “This result told us that nobiletin is not acting on AMP Kinase, and is bypassing this major regulator of how fat is used in the body. What it still leaves us with is the question – how is nobiletin doing this?” Murray Huff said.

Even though the body mechanism of mice and humans is the same, the research team is now looking forward to conducting a full-fledged experiment on humans to draw a reliable result.

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“Obesity and its resulting metabolic syndromes are a huge burden to our health care system, and we have very few interventions that have been shown to work effectively, we need to continue this emphasis on the discovery of new therapeutics,” Huff concluded.

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