A Fruit Juice To Regulate BP Revealed! Drink 1 Glass Lingonberry Juice Daily

Drinking a glass of lingonberry juice every day is found to keep blood pressure under control. Read the complete study.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jan 07, 2020Updated at: Jan 07, 2020
A Fruit Juice To Regulate BP Revealed! Drink 1 Glass Lingonberry Juice Daily

Every fruit has distinctive properties and nutritional benefits. Lingonberry is a less-popular member of the berry family but equally potent when it comes to providing health benefits. These tiny red berries are a powerhouse of polyphenols which are vital for cardiovascular health. Eating lingonberries alone are good for health but researchers say that drinking its juice can lower down blood pressure, in particular. This finding can help a lot of blood pressure patients out there who need a natural cure like this for their ailments.

A team of researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland researched the various beneficial aspects of this wild berry. They found that since it has high polyphenol content, it can be good for prevention from cardiovascular diseases. They thus concluded that regular consumption of this juice can better the functions of blood vessels thereby controlling blood pressure.

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BP brings a cluster of problems along such as hypertension, inflammation in the heart, stroke, etc. Diet and nutrition play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of these disorders besides drug therapies. This is one reason why doctors emphasize eating right for the best health.

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Several studies have shown that polyphenol is good for heart health. Cranberry, lingonberry and bilberry are rich sources of polyphenol. Dr. Anne Kivimaki, University of Helsinki, Finland did this research to find the association between berries & cardiovascular health. She said, “Lingonberry juice is no substitute for medication, but it is a good dietary supplement. Drinking cold-pressed & diluted lingonberry juice for 8-10 weeks positively impacts your blood vessels and helps in blood pressure regulation.”

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The juice, however, didn't help in blood pressure due to aging. It can only aid in normal fluctuations in blood pressure irrespective of any health condition. It works by altering the processes of the renin-angiotensin system which monitors the blood pressure and nitric oxide production for the proper functioning of the heart.

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