World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: Dr Priya Kaul Shares 7 Steps To Get Rid Of Suicidal Thought

Mental Health and Suicidal tendencies: How to get rid of suicidal thought?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Sep 09, 2020 15:05 IST
World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: Dr Priya Kaul Shares 7 Steps To Get Rid Of Suicidal Thought

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: In the fast-moving world, where we are surrounded by insecurities and stress of life, it often happens that we get trapped amidst emotions like anxiety and depression, which further results in suicidal thoughts. Due to the pandemic, the rate of such cases has increased because people are stuck at home, and the extra stress of work-life balance pushes them towards irritation and anxiety. Here, the question of concern is how to get rid of suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Foremost, it is essential to surround yourself with your loved ones, as it fills you with positivity and makes you feel loved.


Here are a few tips and tricks by Dr Priya Kaul, Spiritual Life Coach (Hope Creator), that can be used to move away from the negativity in life and welcome a happy lifestyle filled with positivity and happiness.

  • Step 1: First of all, sit and relax and think of things that are bothering you. Once you are sorted with the source of negativity, pen down the points in a diary and sequence them in order of pressure they are creating in your daily routine life.

  • Step 2: Once you know the reason or as they say the root cause of such thoughts, start making efforts in moving away from the situation and circumstances. For instance, if argument with spouse or colleague lowers your energy, avoid such interactions and if necessary, do regulate interaction to avoid fight or stress. In case such thoughts come to you while driving or walking, move to a safer space and prevent any movement in that particular direction to avoid deadly aftereffects.

  • Step 3: This also works when you are feeling restless in daily lifestyle, without any suicidal thoughts. Start with slowing your breathing, as it supplies more oxygen to your brain and helps slow your heart rate, while also shifting your attention. Leave from the place where you feel stressed and then take a few deep inhales and exhales to regain control of your breath. Start with four seconds inhale, hold on for four seconds and then exhale for four seconds. Repeat it five times and feel the change. Once done, have a glass of water at room temperature.

  • Step 4: After this change, try to refocus back towards what we call as mainstream life. There are several methods to do this, and each process works differently from person to person. The whole idea is to distance yourself away from the negative thoughts of hurting yourself. For this, you can choose the activity that helps you distract you the best. For some people, meditation works while some love to spend time in the kitchen and garden. So, choose the activity as per your comfort. This will help you refocus back in life.
  • Step 5: When you try to shift focus with the help of breathing, try to amalgamate visualizations. It is suggested to count your breaths, and it works wonder. You may also visualize yourself in a safe and calming space, being with someone, you love and feel safe and cared.

  • Step 6: If using the above techniques are not helping you much, then don’t wait, and start seeking help from friends, family and experts. Never take it lightly or avoid it in the same of ‘It’s ok’. Try and surround yourself with people you care about, rather than shutting down and isolating yourself. In the present time, you may call an authorized health line or psychiatrist and explain to them that you are going through an unusually rough time and need guidance.
  • Step 7: The most important part of the process is to remind yourself of recovery. The process helps you learn to overcome these types of thoughts and feelings without Getting further down on yourself for having them. It is essential to remind your mind that things will be ok and recovery are possible.
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