Do Your Eyebrows Pain? Know The Possible Reasons For This Pain

Do your eyebrows pain frequently? This is not a normal pain to ignore. This could be a sign of an underlying problem.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 15, 2020 08:30 IST
Do Your Eyebrows Pain? Know The Possible Reasons For This Pain

Pain under eyebrows is caused by many reasons and sometimes it can get unbearable. We mostly ignore this issue and view eye pain as an everyday pain. Due to our busy schedule we often take care of our eyes, but forget eyebrows. One of the most common reasons for pain around the eyebrows is cluster headache, also known as ice-pick headache. The characteristic of eyebrow pain is that there is a sharp pain, which occurs several times daily. This can occur intermittently for weeks or months. It may have a similar pattern in stopping and recurring. Similarly, there are many other reasons behind the pain of eyebrows. Let us tell you more about these.

Cluster headache


Men get cluster headaches more often than women. There may be several reasons for cluster headache. However, according to doctors, there are many reasons for this head lapse and improper regulation of histamine and serotonin. The triggers identified for these headaches may be alcohol, bright light, exertion, heat, cigarettes, and medications. This pain gradually becomes chronic and severe. Understanding the causes of pain can help in its proper treatment. Along with this, you can also massage eyebrows in the evening every day.

Tension Headache

Tension headaches usually occur around the eyes and cause pain and discomfort. This pain is characterized by a narrowing of the head. Although the exact cause of tension headaches is not known. Common pain in this type of pain, lack of sleep and flu or the onset of a cold etc. triggers it. The forehead gradually becomes heavy due to stress due to such pain. Then there is something heavy on the eyelids. After this, you may feel intense pain under the eyebrows. In this case, massage the scalp to relieve this pain.

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Eye infection


If there is an infection in or around the eye, it causes pain under the eyebrows. Sometimes due to sinus, any kind of infection can spread in the bones, in the cavities, around the eyes, there can be severe pain under the eyebrows. For this it is important that you take care of your eyes and their health. Also, be constantly aware of infection. If there is any kind of infection in the hair in the head, treat it immediately or else it can become a pain in the eyebrows after too much dilation.



Glaucoma refers to increased pressure in the eye, causing pain below the eyebrows. Over time, increased pressure can destroy the optic nerve. Thus, the person is not able to see. While the exact cause of glaucoma is unknown, open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma rule out fluid inactivation in the eye. As a result, the pressure in the eye increases. It can also cause pain under the eyebrows several times. For this, you must go to your doctor as soon as you feel its pain.

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Spasms and temporal arteritis

Spasms in the eyebrows or eyelids or involuntary jerks in the eyebrow area cause pain. Generally, these occur for a few days and then cease. This condition mostly starts with sleep deprivation or irregular sleep patterns. Pain under the eyebrows can also be caused by problems in the blood circulation near the eyes and neurological problems of the eye. This is because the temporary artery, which runs from the head towards the eye, causes swelling.

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