Disney to Curb Junk-food Ads

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Jun 18, 2012

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Disney to Curb Junk food AdsDisney, the world’s largest entertainment company, has announced that junk-food ads on kids programs will be banned. The Walt Disney Company aims to combat childhood obesity by banning junk-food ads on its channels and therefore, establishing nutritional standards by 2015. Food products associated with the company will now bear ‘Mickey Check’ logo as an assurance of complying with nutrition standards.

The American multinational mass media company will follow-up with the guidelines issued by federal recommendations to promote fruits, vegetables, limit calories and curb saturated fat intake.

Disney became the first major media company to set nutrition guidelines for licensed food products. Robert Iger, chief executive officer of Disney, declared this move as ‘a win for Disney, a win for food companies and a big win for families’. The first lady, Michelle Obama, also appeared in the event. She lauded the company’s move, describing it as ‘truly a game changer for the health of our children’.

Disney adopted nutritional guidelines in 2006 to confront obesity, one of the biggest public health challenges. This is a step forward to the campaign by disowning junk-food commercials on its television channels, radio stations and online programs, especially intended for children below 12 years.



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