Arguing Teens Handle Peer Pressure Better

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jun 21, 2012

Arguing Teens Handle Peer Pressure BetterA research conducted by the University of Virginia states that youngsters, who can argue effectively can easily withstand peer pressure to consume alcohol or drugs in the later stages of adolescence. Parents are often wary of the peer pressure that their kids might face while also being frustrated by argumentative children. The research underlines that discussing matters as a family may give training to the teens to learn and enhance their negotiating skill.

The team of researchers led by Joseph Allen, a psychology professor, observed 150 teens, who have engaged in arguments. Three years later, researchers asked the same participants about their experiences with drugs and alcohol. It was observed that youngsters, who had confidence to reason or back-up their statements were the ones to refuse drugs or alcohol.

The study highlighted that learning effective argumentative skills helps teens learn to assert and establish a sense of autonomy. The detailed research report was published in a recent edition of the journal Child Development.



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