Natural Vs Steroid Bodybuilding: Which Is More Sustainable

Natural bodybuilding is all about patience, whereas steroids can help deliver quick results. 

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Feb 27, 2023 18:46 IST
Natural Vs Steroid Bodybuilding: Which Is More Sustainable

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Natty or roids (where natty refers to natural and roids refers to the use of steroids) is a hotly debated and trending topic on the internet these days. A natty physique, according to netizens, is a physique that is achievable through diet and training. Whereas, when they see a body that appears to be out of reach and has good muscle definition, they refer to it as roids. However, the other debate is that steroid bodies do not last long. So if you are new to bodybuilding or looking to build a career in it, here's everything you need to know about natural vs steroid bodies and which should you go for.

Natural Bodybuilding

What separates a bodybuilder from other people is the ability to put on muscle mass and appear huge. Muscle building is a gradual process that entails weight training, healthy eating, and a focus on protein intake to aid recovery. A person can take the help of supplements to perform better, but those should be natural supplements. Whey protein, BCAA, creatine, multivitamins, fish oils, and other amino acids are examples of natural supplements.

Benefits Of Natural Bodybuilding

1) Natural bodybuilding is all about patience, which makes the person both mentally and physically strong. 

2) Natural bodybuilders rarely get sick because eating clean helps build a strong immune system.

3) Both men and women can do natural bodybuilding. 

4) It is simple to incorporate into one's lifestyle, and even those who work at a desk can do it.

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Drawbacks of Natural Bodybuilding

1) The results are so slow that even gaining five per cent of muscle mass requires training for at least three months to see some desired results.

2) Natural bodybuilders require more time to bulk and cut.

3) One of the most difficult tasks for natural bodybuilders is to achieve a body fat percentage of less than 10 per cent while maintaining proper muscle mass.

4) Natural bodybuilders can only gain muscle mass until the age of 30, after which they can no longer build muscle but can maintain it.

Steroid Bodybuilding

As the name implies, steroid bodybuilding involves the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), injections, and other oral drugs. A roid bodybuilder's recovery is so quick that they can gain more muscle mass in less than three months than a natural bodybuilder can in three years. One of the main reasons why people prefer steroids for bodybuilding is the ability to deliver quick results.

Benefits Of Steroid Bodybuilding

1) The ability to rapidly gain lean muscle mass.

2) Steroid bodybuilders have the ability to lift the most weight.

3) You can use steroids to transform your body at any age, whether you are 40 or 50.

4) When on drugs the body stores less fat

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Drawbacks Of Steroid Bodybuilding

1) Steroid bodybuilding is not for everyone because the use of drugs requires a large financial investment.

2) Steroids harm one's internal health and can cause organ failure.

3) If you expose your body to steroids, it will not produce natural results.

4) Steroid bodybuilding is primarily for men; if a woman uses drugs, they develop male-like features.

Natural Vs Steroids: Which Is Best And Sustainable?

Natural bodybuilding entails lifting weights every day, eating clean, and sleeping well to recover. All of these are things that any normal person does in their life; they exercise, eat healthy, and sleep; the only difference is that they do not weight train. Steroids bodybuilding, on the other hand, involves the use of drugs, and what happens is that when you take drugs, your body becomes accustomed to them and stops responding without drugs. Second, when you take synthetic hormones from outside sources, your body stops producing them on its own, and when you stop taking steroids, you can't function. Finally, drugs have a negative impact on your mind and internal health.

So, if you want to get into bodybuilding, skip the steroids and choose the natural way because it is much cheaper, safer, and more sustainable.

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