Study: Diabetic People Are More Likely To Get Bone Fractures

If you have a family member with diabetes, get their bone density test done routinely. Diabetics are more prone to bone fractures.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 15, 2020Updated at: Jun 15, 2020
Study: Diabetic People Are More Likely To Get Bone Fractures

Have you ever fractured your bone? A bone fracture often happens accidentally as you wouldn’t want to intentionally break a bone, right? People with stronger bones don’t get fractures so easily whereas those with poor bone density can suffer a fracture easily. There is a twist in this tale. People with diabetes are more likely to fracture their bones as compared to others. A study has found that diabetic people are more prone to non-vertebral and hip fractures. 

Bone Health and Diabetes

The journal ‘Bone’ published this interesting and informative research which mentions that the risk of bone fracture is high in patients of diabetes. Also, those with type-1 diabetes are at greater risk as compared to type-2 diabetes, however, both the cases tend to have poor bone health. Another factor to consider here is the use of insulin and ailing time of a patient which determines the risk of fracture. 

Dr. Tatiane Vilca from the University of Sheffield, the United Kingdom leads this research. Her statement reads: “We need to raise awareness about the greater risk people with diabetes face to help them to prevent fractures. For example, preventing falls can reduce the risk of fracture.” On talking about diabetes and other health risks attached to this condition, she added: “Diabetes can cause a number of well-known complications including kidney problems, loss of eyesight, problems with your feet, and nerve damage. With the addition of bone fractures to this list, it is highly concerning.”

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The study

This research is based on the population of the UK. Over 76,000 people in the United Kingdom get bone fractures every year. More than 20% of people who get severe fractures end up losing their lives within one year. The data is heartbreaking. Others live their life depending upon others for mobility. Now that it is found that diabetes increases the risk of bone fractures, people need to take extra care. Older adults with diabetes need to consult with a doctor to evaluate the risks. Since at higher age, bone fractures become very serious.

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Another researcher Richard Eastell says, “This important research highlights the urgent need for doctors to evaluate the risk of fracture for patients with diabetes and also to look at potential treatments which may help to reduce that risk.” 

Preventive Tips

The best way to avert a fracture is by getting routine bone density tests along with diabetes. By assessing bone density, you can check the chances of bone fractures and take precautions. 

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