Diabetes Emergency Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Control High Blood Sugar Instantly

In diabetes, if blood sugar suddenly rises too much, it can be controlled in these 5 ways. In case of an emergency, these methods quickly reduce blood sugar and saves from danger.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 03, 2019
Diabetes Emergency Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Control High Blood Sugar Instantly

When your blood glucose levels are high in your body then it is called high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. Usually it happens to the diabetic patients when their blood sugar level increases whenever they eat anything. Increased blood sugar can be very dangerous if not immediately controlled. According to the American Diabetes Association, high blood sugar can cause tissue damage, the person can go into a coma and even die. So you should always keep your blood sugar level in control. You should learn ways to reduce blood sugar quickly and avoid your risk as blood levels rise to dangerous levels.

Inject insulin

Talk to your doctor in advance about what to do if your blood sugar increases. Do you know that Insulin is usually injected in such a situation? If your doctor has advised you to take insulin, take a shot of insulin without delay and check blood sugar again after 15-30 minutes. You also need to keep in mind that your blood sugar doesn't go down too low, as that situation can also be dangerous. 

Drink water

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You should drink as much water as possible when blood sugar level increases. Drinking water will make you urinate more, which will also remove sugar through urination. However, if you have heart disease or kidney disease, you should not drink too much water in such a situation.

Exercise daily

You can get rid of hyperglycemia by exercising for a while daily. In fact due to diabetes the glucose dissolves in your blood instead of going into the cells of the body. If you exercise daily, it can help the body to reduce excess glucose and avoid sugar growth.

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When you shouldn't exercise?

If your blood sugar has suddenly increased after a certain meal, you should not exercise. In such a situation, first check your sugar level. If your sugar level is more than 240 mg/dG then immediately test your urin with the help of a strip. You should not exercise if ketones are found in urin. Any exercise or hard work during this time will increase your blood sugar level.

Take the next meal carefully

Usually diabetics should take the advice of a doctor or nutritionist to eat anything. However, if you have eaten something that has increased your blood sugar, eat your next diet very carefully, otherwise it may increase your discomfort. Eat less food than usual in your next diet. If the blood sugar does not decrease, leave your snack on that day so that your blood sugar becomes normal. The best way to avoid such a dangerous situation is to follow your doctor's prescribed diet plan, do not use it on the advice of others.

Take medicines and contact a doctor

If you are taking medication to control diabetes, take these medicines daily without forgetting them. If your blood sugar still appears to be disturbed after taking the drug, contact the doctor immediately and tell them the condition. Ask the doctor to change the medicines if necessary.

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