Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan: Eat These Foods And Herbs To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

With regular exercise, an appropriate diabetic diet and the inclusion of various anti-diabetic foods and herbs, diabetes can be controlled.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 04, 2019
Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan: Eat These Foods And Herbs To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Type 2 diabetes meal plan chart: There are millions of individuals all around the world suffering from the deadly disease of diabetes. It is a condition where the pancreas stops creating insulin, which leads the glucose level in the blood to rise. Many people are unaware of this fatal disease, as they are not known to its signs and symptoms. Moreover, when they identify it, they try to ignore the ailment. Here are the symptoms, 

  • Instant loss in weight 
  • Constant urination (more than usual) 
  • The ultimate feeling of thirst

Diabetes can be controlled by a major four ways:

  • Proper medication
  • Balanced diet
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Exercise 

According to health experts, it is suggested that breakfast should be full of protein and fibers so that one should not be hungry and munching snacks in between. One of the options for breakfast could be avocado and a hardboiled egg (egg-white).  Avocados have amazing nutrients and are low in carbohydrates. Therefore, they don't have a very huge effect on your diabetes.

Foods And Herbs To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels 

Here are the following herbs which may help you control your diabetes.

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Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is a cultivated edible plant that helps in decreasing the blood glucose levels for diabetic patients. Bitter melon can be consumed in several forms, which includes

  • juice
  • supplementary form of pulp
  • seeds 
  • vegetable (subzi)

Bitter gourd is mostly taken in the form of supplements. One of the reasons behind this is the bitter and unpleasant taste.

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Aromatic Spice-Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a popular spice that is generated from the bark of a tree. It has numerous benefits, but the best way to utilize it is by making an alternative for sugar. It is used as a sweet additive to add sweetness to the dishes. Due to this tendency, it is picked as a suitable herb for patients of high-level blood sugar. Following are the benefits of cinnamon,

  • Enhances the levels of sugar in the body, 
  • Improves digestion 
  • Creates insulin
  • Controls hypertension 
  • Works as Antioxidant

Methi Dana-Fenugreek

Fenugreek is known as 'methi dana' in Hindi, which is best for diabetic patients. Fenugreek has fibrous and chemical properties, which also helps to burn extra fat from the body. Those suffering from indigestion can also consume it with lukewarm water. If taken in the correct quantity, it also helps in the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body. However, it raises the levels of insulin thus reducing glucose levels in the body. Fenugreek can be taken in various manners, for examples:

  • As a herb in food
  • Used as a powder (by grinding its seeds)
  • Tablet form

Succulent Plant-Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well-known for its medicinal and skin benefits. You will be surprised to know that it provides great benefits to diabetic patients as well. Aloe vera helps in rejuvenating the insulin generating cells based in the pancreas. Aloe vera is an antioxidant that safeguards its effect on the herb. You can intake it in several forms, such as,

  • Aloe-vera juice 
  • Tablet form
  • Aloe-vera pulp

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