Parenting Tips: How To Stop Stubbornness In Children?

Do you want to know? How to deal with your child in one of his bouts? Read on.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jun 26, 2020Updated at: Jun 26, 2020
Parenting Tips: How To Stop Stubbornness In Children?

Parenting tips for stubborn toddlers: You’re in a market, passing through the gadget/toy section when you suddenly hear a baby crying at the top of his/her voice. You see him/her screaming, crying, kicking things about because he/she wants it now. We can understand the sense of déjà vu (it is all too loud). Your consolations lie with the poor parents. After all, you were into a comparable incident with your child just a day ago. We know what does it exactly feels like, to have the number of eyes quickly turning in your direction and judging your parenting skills. Every parent goes through this when their baby behaves opposite to their expectations. Well, do you know? This small incident is going to repeat itself in the next few years (in various forms). Your child may stop throwing animosities in marts over the years but be persuaded that he/she will lock horns with you over a million different things— playtime, homework, movies, studying (and the list goes on). Stubborn kids can give a hard time, but a calm and patient approach can stop stubbornness at check. And, if your child is adamant, then there are some tips listed below for you.

  • Speak it out: Try and talk to your kid and understand his/her prospect. Try and find out the cause of their unreasonable conduct. It would be best if you tried to put yourself in their shoes to determine the condition before it gets worse. You might find out that their action is a result of your anger/impatience towards them. Make sure you discuss it out and not mishandle them in the process (with patience).
  • Do not shout/scream: You must not shout at your kid if they are behaving stubbornly. Talk to your child uncomplainingly while maintaining a relaxed demeanour. Your vibes will cool your child and will help them talk to you without losing grip on what is right and wrong.

  • Stay logical: It is also essential to lay down a set of rules when you’re dealing with your headstrong child (deal in a composed manner). Tell them; there will be consequences if they flout any law. If you maintain a firm stance, this will work and will counter your kid’s stubbornness.
  • Convey and communicate: Apart from setting over your point, it would be best if you also remember that talking is a two-way channel. Your obstinate kid might want to draw your attention with their stubborn ways. Your kid might be concerned about something and was helpless to communicate it to you the right direction. It's here when your parental senses must come to work.

  • Is it hereditary? Are you a stubborn parent? What do you think? Is your behaviour affecting your kid? Try to reform as parents are the immediate role models for kids. You cannot expect your kid to act the way you want them to. Set an example by being calm and rational.
  • Show your love and care: As an employed parent, your life might be restless, and unintentionally you might not pay heed to your children. But, you must involve yourself in a discussion and praise your kid for the marks/grades in exams or for an easy house job that they did in your absence. It gives them a feeling of goodness. Recognition from a parent would prevent them from being stubborn all the time.

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