Daily Things That Can Affect Your Sleep Routine

There are many factors that help you in getting a better sleep. Here are some daily things that can affect your sleep routine. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Apr 19, 2022Updated at: Apr 19, 2022
 Daily Things That Can Affect Your Sleep Routine

Has it been a long time since you took a good night's sleep? Well, it can happen due to a number of daily lifestyle habits. From having junk to evening exercise, there are many little things that can be a factor behind poor sleep schedule. At night, your body requires complete rest without any disturbances. However, that is not possible if you have unhealthy food hopping around in your stomach. 

Insomnia or other sleep issues require detecting the exact cause behind it. Factors such as cigarettes and alcohol can also affect your sleep routine. If you are suffering from any health conditions or anxiety disorder, the doctor can give prescribed medications for better sleep. Changes in the sleeping environment should also be avoided to prevent sleeping difficulties. Keep reading to know about the everyday things that can have an impact on your sleep routine. 

Daily things that affect your sleep 

You can improve your sleep by making simple changes in certain lifestyle habits. Ageing is an uncontrollable factor but other reasons behind poor sleep are manageable. Here are 5 daily things that can affect your sleep: 

1. Eating large dinner

What and how much food you are having plays a major role in predicting your sleep pattern. Eating a large dinner or having junk food at night before sleeping can affect your sleep quality. Having a full bladder or stomach can lead to difficulties in sleeping. Consuming too much food can cause heartburn and make your feel uncomfortable. Therefore, try to have low fat foods in small quantities in order to avoid heartburn symptoms

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2. Evening exercise 

Many people are not aware about this fact but exercising in the evening or night can also be responsible for poor sleep quality. Exercise is beneficial for your physical and mental well being. However, it is suggested to workout in the morning hours instead of later hours. Make sure to not stop exercising due to this reason, but change your timings instead. Prioritise working out in the morning be it running, jogging, yoga or cardio. Physical activity on proper time can improve your quality of sleep. 

3. Too much light 

Light is also another external daily factor that can affect your sleep. Along with disturbances in our eyes, light can even leave a negative impact on our internal clock which might prefer sleeping earlier. Moreover, the blue light exposure from electronic devices is also harmful for your sleep schedule. You can prevent sleep deprivation by switching off the lights and sleeping in complete dark when you feel like should be your preferred time. In addition, avoid using cellphones around bedtime. 

4. Alcohol 


Alcohol contains high levels of caffeine and it can keep you awake at night. Even coffee should be avoided before sleeping as it will not let you sleep at all! Alcohol might make you feel drowsy for a while but it can affect your sleep and make it more disrupted. If consumed before bedtime, it can cause sleep apnea and trigger snoring as well. Caffeinated drinks should be taken atleast 4-6 hours before sleeping. 

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5. Long naps in daytime 

Many people promote mid day naps, but it can have a negative impact on your sleep in night hours. Excessive daytime napping is a no no if you want to have a proper sleeping schedule everyday. Long naps can restrict your ability to sleep at night. If you feel sleepy during the day, you can distract yourself by indulging into some activity or drinking coffee. Even if you nap for a while, do not keep sleeping for hours. Try to manage your daily schedule properly and avoid these things.