8 Everyday Habits To Prevent Back Pain

Back pain can be caused due to several reasons. Read on to learn the daily habits that can prevent back pain.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Feb 08, 2023 12:07 IST
8 Everyday Habits To Prevent Back Pain

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Back pain has become a prevalent health issue in most people. It causes trouble in their movement and affects their daily activities. But did you know that you can completely avoid back pain by following some simple measures in your daily life? 

Yes, some of your everyday habits may be causing your back pain. There is a need to avoid these habits to help alleviate your back pain. In case you have back pain from an injury or an accident, it is advisable to seek help from a doctor.

8 Daily Habits You Should Follow To Prevent Back Pain


Exercising regularly can help move and stretch your muscles, which is necessary for the healthy movement of your body. Focus on exercises that target your back and spine to keep back pain at bay.

Maintain Good Posture

It may seem trivial, but it helps alleviate back pain in the long run. Most people working on the computer tend to slouch, which creates an imbalance. You should keep your back straight and take breaks from time to time to walk around.

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Increase The Intake Of Vitamin D And Calcium

You should increase your intake of calcium and vitamin D to make your bones stronger. Weak bones can cause osteoporosis later in life, which can lead to back pain, especially in women. Milk, yoghurt, and leafy greens are some sources of calcium, while fatty fish, egg yolks, and cheese contain vitamin D.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

The choice of your shoes also plays an important role in promoting back health. Wearing ill-fitted and high-heeled shoes frequently can put a strain on your back while standing. Therefore, you should wear comfortable shoes and try wearing flat shoes most of the time.

Avoid Smoking

We all know the ill effects of smoking on our health, but did you know that smokers are more prone to back pain than non-smokers? This is because the nicotine in cigarettes reduces the blood flow to your spinal discs and makes your muscles weak. 

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Maintain A Moderate Weight

People who are obese experience back pain more often as it puts a strain on their lower back. Therefore, you should reduce your weight to avoid back pain.

Sleeping Position

You should consult with your doctor about your sleeping position if you witness back pain daily. The doctor may advise you to sleep on your side or suggest putting a pillow under your knees and lower back while sleeping. In addition, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach as it can worsen your back pain.

Avoid Taking Stress

Stress can be harmful to your body and your back too. Stress can build tension in your muscles, which can eventually lead to back pain. You should practise meditation to reduce stress, which can help prevent back pain.


A healthy diet and exercise are necessary to promote your health and avoid back pain. In addition, you should avoid sitting or standing for long hours as it can cause back pain. You should visit your doctor if your back pain does not improve even after following these measures.